Tuesday, May 22, 2007

More From MVH.....5/25

Merrimack Valley Hospital partners with Lahey Clinic; Pact may bring Lahey doctors to MVH

Well, that's the story, let's look behind it. The Lahey Clinic has been aware of this blog for a long time. Sometimes three different logins simultaneously. So, after months, they offer to partner...I really don't think that the doctors will be going to MVH, more the patients going to the clinics for follow-up.

It's kind of like a hunter and a salt lick. You place the lick during the off season to get deer used to going there. When the season opens, you know where they'll be...in their comfort zone.

They can see when a hospital is on it's way down, and having a patient base comfortable with going to Burlington and other locations is a way to lock down your bid on the remnants.

Actually, it will probably do the patients a service, but the physicians on staff might have some problems with it.

Kind of funny in a way, a bean counter being beaten by another bean counter with some vision...and it isn't even that original: Advanced Heart has been doing it to PRMC for years.


Anonymous said...

The inner skeptic is adopting a wait and see attitude on this, but after reading the story on their online paper, I won't be surprised if it goes the way you called it. IIRC, MVH is lsoing money (what- An Essent facility losing money? Say it ain't so, Hud!), so we'll see how it plays.

Anonymous said...

What a great day for the patients of Merrimack Valley Hospital. LAHEY CLINIC is world renowned. Many of the healthcare professionals( double digits) who left Nashoba Valley Medical Center now work at Lahey Clinic. Merrimack Valley patients will be cared for by nurses and technologists who truly are at the top of their professions. These employees left NVMC after the Essent purchase and saw quality care go down the tubes. Lahey has respect for their employees and knows what it takes to care for a patient.Lahey is physician owned. The CEO is a physician and understands how to make a healthcare facility successful.

Anonymous said...

At lest your area has a center that knows a thing or two about health care. Good for you- may their tribe increase.

Wonder how long before Lahey obtains control of Nashoba......sadly, probably after Hud and his cast of idiots bring it totally down.