Friday, May 18, 2007

SA Data Center.....5/19

It would seem that Christus is doing fine. With the Essent data center moving to MA, it would seem that there are a few TX IT guys that could use the work....

Hospital chain to build $21 million data center
Another data center is coming to San Antonio.

Christus Health bought 10 acres in Westover Hills near San Antonio and plans to build a $21 million, 43,000-square-foot data center, which will have 50 employees. It also plans to expand the data center in 25,000-square-foot increments as necessary in the coming years.

"We did evaluate other locations in Texas, but we felt one of the things San Antonio offered to us was an increasingly high-tech-friendly environment," said George Conklin, Christus Health's senior vice president and chief information officer, based in Houston.

Microsoft Corp.'s decision to put a $550 million data center in Westover Hills also influenced Christus, Conklin said.

Christus is the fourth new data center this year to announce it will come to San Antonio. A few weeks ago, the National Security Agency announced plans to put a data center in the former Sony Corp. microchip plant.

The others include Microsoft's planned 470,000-square-foot data center and Stream Realty's proposed 150,000-square-foot data center on 33 acres. Lowe's Corp. also is building a $60 million, 100,000-square-foot facility, which it announced last year.

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Anonymous said...

With Essent's habits of spending money, only those IT guys who can use an abacus, slide rule and flip a coin need apply. Working with a piece of chalk and a slate are nice skills, but may be more than what E$$ent requires.