Friday, February 23, 2007

Or Best Offer......3/6

Well, rumor has it that Hud might need some money. So, being the good neighbors that we are, we decided to help him sell his house.

Fer Sale

It’s a right purdy place, actually got inside plumbing! Got’s a neat porch so’s your dog can lay about a bit, maybe shake those fleas….Got’s real electric lights, and even cable hook-ups (Hey Ma, maybe we ought to wander over and check this out!)

5520 Stanford Dr, Nashville, TN

Heard the folks were taking in boarders, but he’s moved on to Paris, so they might give you a right-smart deal. 'yall come by and see us.....

Did I happen to mention that we have the actual listing* for the house? The asking is about $1.8M...frank

*The house sold.


Anonymous said...

So poor widdle Huddie needs mmoney......awwwwww........maybe he needs to go out and WORK FOR A DECENT LIVING like the rest of us.

Might be the first honest wages he earns, the little twit........

Short of cash, Hud? Welcome to reality. May I recommend selling off a property or two? I can think of one down in Texas- used to be a fair to middlin' facility until some beancounting nitwit ran it into the ground. The next owner may have a fixer-upper on his hands, but if they work WITH the staff and LISTEN to them (without putting thier names on a to-be-fired-later list), the place might improve.

Cashwise, sounds Essent-tially like you're in a tight spot.

Can't think of a nicer guy to have it happen to.

Anonymous said...

Heard thru a reliable source that there is fixing to be a new 6000 sq ft building called Paris Radiology. Don't know where the build site is going to be at this time. I don't know if that has anything to do with RRV Radiology? I will keep you posted.

Anonymous said...

Hudsy Wudsy better hope the Essent Board doesn't decide they need to downsize his widdle arse.
He sure won't get any sympathy from the folks around here!!

Anonymous said...

Phillip Hamilton from the Paris News wrote and interesting editorial called We've Got to start trusting. He is in my opinion, correct in his statement, about this town being so divided and we must stick together.

On the same page of this editorial, Page 4A there is a list of government officials from Mark Homer to President Bush, with their numbers and e-mail addresses.

I am pointing this out because I want us to stick together. House bill 1707 is a bill that will be voted on. It is about safe nurse staffing levels, peer review, and whistle blower protection.

The Texas Nurse Association and the Hospital association is against this bill saying that it has forced some hospitals to close in California etc. You can go to the TNA website and read their position, and you can get the bill and read it for yourself, and form your own opinion.

The TNA says that the bill prevents nurse managers from direct pt. care. But the way I read it is that nurse managers can't be used as part of the staffing matrix. Say you are allowed 3 pt.s to 1 nurse according to the matrix, but they include the nurse manager (who is not providing direct pt. care anyway) then the nurse actually has 4 pt.s.

The Texas Nurse Association also says it is against the bill because of a peer review process, but the way I read it- it says that medical staff would not be involved in peer review of nurses. It would be a peer review of nurses.

I don't know, I could be reading wrong, but to me the bill sounds good. I would like others to read it, and form opinions, and give feedback--and not just on the blog.

Send your opinions to Mark Homer, Ralph Hall, Bob Deuell, Kevin Eltife, Rick Perry, John Cornyn, Kay Bailey Hutchison. I even sent an opinion to George Bush. He's a Texan.

I really can't see how this bill can pass with the people who are against it. But I sure am tired of seeing the effects of short staffing in our town.

Anonymous said...

He certainly can't count on NVMC to help out with the finances. Can't even keep the house half full most days. Now he's being taken to court by the citizens of Ayer for his "big new hospital/hotel" he's trying to get built. I hope the citizens have better luck getting through to him than any of the staff have over the past years. He can't fire them to keep them quiet so that'll be frustrating to say the least. I wonder where the "New Hospital Prevention Fund" is set up. I'd bet there's a few hundred people around here who'd be willing to chip in! What is the record for the number of lawsuits against a healthcare company at one time anyway? Hud could just get into the Guiness Book of World Records yet!

Anonymous said...

"And the dance band on the Titanic
Played "nearer My God To Thee",
The starfish on the starboard bow,
Asked "won;t you dance with me?""
-Harry Chapin

Unless Dud can tell some realy tall tales, the only way he'll get any extra cash is to hit the right six numbers on Powerball- that, or go into the, er, recreational pharmaceutical business.

Anonymous said...

so what's happening at srmc?
why do people continue to leave or
get the ax if it's such a cozy
place to work?

Anonymous said...

Staff leave at SRMC because David Krye is at the helm.He has been bounced around the Essent facilities whenever a COO or CEO position becomes available. Dud says "JUMP" and David says"HOW HIGH?" David has toured thru NVMC, PRMC and now SRMC.Essent's hospital executives are mid 30 males who will work for a buck fifty and tow the party line. How many CEO's do you know that have made it to that level in their 3rd decade of life. NOT MANY!!

Anonymous said...

Heard a rumor that "that lady that comes down from Tenn. every time PRMC gets something straight from Essent" got fired."
Any one know any thing about this?

Zodiac said...

In regards to the lady from Tenn., it is true-she got the axe. This is what I have heard is the layoff so far-> 3 ER Paramedic techs, 2 ER nurses left for other jobs, 3 in Maint., 5 in Housekeeping, 4-5 in Xray, 2 in Registration, and some others. I also heard that the West side clinic will cut its hours and only use one NP. The other NP will be unemployed. Also there is staff at RACE/Aerofit that will be cut. I wouldn't be suprised if Essent doesn't cut hours at the recreational places. Where is Baylor, Presby, W&J, etc. Paris needs bailing out and get rid of Essent.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...


By W&J you don't mean WNJ, as in the facility in Sherman? If so, we do not want those folks- they're deep in the hole as it is financially, and pay miserable wages.

Presby had us (well, part of us) and bailed, so strike them off the list. Too bad- THR's bennies were decent, better than Essent.

Other that that, I agree about dumping Hud the Pimp.

Anonymous said...

Hud (the fluke from duke) seems to have problems keeping finances together. What a shame. And just when he thought his ship had come in--the Titanic, perhaps?

When I say fluke, I take the fifth meaning: fluke
n 1: a stroke of luck [syn: good luck, good fortune]
2: a barb on a harpoon or arrow
3: flat blade-like projection on the arm of an anchor [syn: flue]
4: either of the two lobes of the tail of a cetacean
5: parasitic flatworms having external suckers for attaching to a host [syn: trematode, trematode worm]

fac_p said...

I'm pulling your comment because Kreye's wife emailed me. Apparently his mother passed fairly recently.

Having dealt with him while he was here, I think he's self-made.

Mrs. Kreye, with the employees that were discharged, I don't believe your husband gave that kind of consideration to their families. I will.

I hope at one point in time he is on the receiving end of what he has delivered to others.

There have been several for-profits that have been far more considerate, giving from the beginning what is supposed to be forthcoming in the RIF here.

Just following orders, or policy, or whatever doesn't cut it. And would I push for my viewpoint if I was in his shoes? You betchum.

Obviously we don't have the same one. The standards my mother taught me took.

Anonymous said...


If you had to pull the comment, that's OK. Although I'm sorry his mother passed away, and will extend some condolences, I will not change my opinion of this person one degree.

Anyone who suborns himself or herself to Hud and his ridiculous policies aren't worth saving if they were drowning.

fac_p said...

In my comment, I wouldn't say that I was chummy....frank

Anonymous said...


I respect you for pulling that comment, and I also respect you for fighting for what is right.

If everyone had to smell what they are shoveling, we wouldn't be in this mess.

I don't understand how people can shovel all that @#%%, and not get any on them.

Anonymous said...

Dear Mrs. Krye, If your husband were in the military he'd be dishonorably discharged for conduct unbecoming! It doesn't matter that you superiors tell you to do something, if it's morally or ethically wrong you should stand firm against it. He didn't then and he isn't now. When staff and patient care are compromised and the bottom line becomes "profit" at any cost, everyone loses. That is why Essent Healthcare is in a company wide RIF. It has a snowball effect. Decreased staff decreases the ability to give good healthcare which equals poor patient outcomes which decreases public confidence resulting in low census. David and Duds other admin cronies turn a blind eye to it all. So long as they are making money I guess nothing will change. Common sense and straight talking sure don't seem to have helped.

Anonymous said...

Kreye and his fellow haremites don't necessarily follow written policy in re: personnel. They've been known from time to time to circumvent written policy and do as they darn well please.

I'd like to see him try that out on those SW Pennsylvania types- he'll need to travel with an armed guard from then on.

But then again, this is the type of people Hud likes to have around him, I guess.......

fac_p said...

I guess that 6500sqft (w/basement) house would leave you rattling around a bit. Too bad it's not here, Hud could turn it into a replacement for the W. Paris Clinic. Wonder if he has cameras there like the clinic????