Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Where Ever You Go, That's Where You Are....2/15

From the comments:

Essent has an advantage: Being smaller, they can modify and change direction as needed, without overcoming inertia.

Essent also has a disadvantage: Lack of inertia. They're like a momentium invester who changes direction as the market does. One day he's going to zig when he should've zagged.

A larger corporation has more commitment to a course of action. That's where staying the course comes from. Essent's been changing direction--more likely chasing its tail--for the entire time they've been in Paris, and more so since Hud left.

Say what you will, he had a vision. Not ours, but it was a guide, a rudder. Now Essent is rudderless, and Browder just hasn't got it.

Think about all the changes, reversals, and reversals of the reversals. It has no internal compass. They won't know where they are when they get there.

Note: The title came from a second one.


Anonymous said...

Are you trying to tell me Hud had ADD?

fac_p said...

Give him credit: He wanted to buy hospitals cheap, make them profitable, bundle it, IPO it, and make tons of money. He was pretty straight line about it.

True, he didn't care a whit for the employees, other than as a means to an end. Likewise the communities.

He was convincing enough that a bunch of money men were willing to drop serious capital into it.

Do you think Browder engenders that kind of support?

Does he have a clear vision, or is he vacillating back and forth (rudderless?)

You be the judge.

Anonymous said...

I miss the Hud-Man. I felt the need to fix his hair though.

Anonymous said...

One ER doctor and three ER RN's aint going to get the job done in the ER. Essent please leave, you are ruining the McCuistion and Christus St. Joseph image of taking care of employees and patients. Can the citizens of lamar county by Essent out. There has to be a solution!!!!!

Anonymous said...

The last staff meeting resulted in the announcement that essent was forming a new group to be called " the Physicians Advisory Comm".Is this a real attempt to have input , or another window dressing for their failures?(At least they are getting a few of the staff that have not been co-opted in the past.)I sincerely hope that they can survive.Paris would be dead without a hospital;and for those who say " let them fail", the possibility exists that another entity would come in , but remember what happened in Ennis.They were without a hospital for over a year and they have yet to rebuild the staff that left in the interim.Let us all try to make this group survive for our own sakes!

Anonymous said...

Ennis was close to Waxahachie and Corsicana, closer than we are to Clarksville and Bonham. They probably lost revenue to Baylor at Waxahachie before the closure.

Wonder if the North campus could ever go back to a 'Doctor's' hospital?? Remember, that's its beginning.

Maybe it could go down to clearance prices... But they probably wouldn't want the rest of the boat-anchor properties.

Anonymous said...

It would be nice if another company would come in an buy out essent in all of its hospitals, that way the employees would not have to worry about having a job next week.

Anonymous said...

heard that PRMC/Essent has told the new ER director Phyllis to keep all rooms full in the ER, and not to let anybody sit in the waiting room. Lets think about this for a minute. If all the rooms are full and the waiting room is empty, then where is the EMS going to put patients? Was told by a ER employee that Phyllis stated that EMS can leave patient on there stretcher until a room comes available. WTF!!! She won't be around much longer with that attitude.

ex-PRMC employee said...

ER is losing 2 more RN's due to the cutbacks from Essent. Essent please leave or sell out to Baylor, Presby, or the Doctors to bring healthcare back where it used to be. Go back to Tennessee.

Anonymous said...

"Essent please leave or sell out to Baylor, Presby, or the Doctors to bring healthcare back where it used to be. Go back to Tennessee."


Anonymous said...

The south ER waiting closet (calling it a room is being very kind) is small, and the ER itself is not much bigger- more like a group of closets. When the "frequent flyers" and GOMERs all come in, it's next to impossible to get in.

Stuffing the extra folks into ER is like hiding the socks & dirty clothes under the bed & calling the room clean. Didn't work with my parents, and it ain't gonna work here.