Tuesday, February 17, 2009


Received an interesting comment last night. You be the judge.

I overheard a conversation that wasn't for public consumption. The gist was that ETMC was currently engaged in talks to acquire PRMC.

I don't know how far it's gone, but it sounded serious.

The suprise is how long it took them to get to that point. Funny that ETMC could end up with a monopoly in Paris, so long after the original sale to Essent.

Maybe at a reduced price....


Anonymous said...

Sales rumors have been running amok since not long after Essent took over & started (messing) things up. Wishful thinking? Most likely, but after hearing that rumor for so long, I'll believe it when a credible news source says it. (oops, that leaves out the Snooze).

I'm all for Essent leaving town, and would be in the line of folks "saluting" them as they leave. However, I'm not holding my breath over this one.

sleepy_steve said...

Personally, I prefer the version of events where "Ducky" and Essent are run out of town by angry villagers brandishing torches and pitch-forks but a buy-out would suffice. Too bad that things have gotten to a point where Essent almost HAS to go to restore credibility to area health care. They've proven well beyond a shadow of doubt that they're more interested in cash-cows than they are top-notch medical facilities.

Anonymous said...

Heard that last week on South Campus there were 30 patients and only three nurses to care for them. Heard the nurses filed a "safe haven".
And one of Ducky's "8 Points" is The Patient Comes First?
Rrrrrright....that goes along with "Employees are our most valuable resource"!

Giles Corey said...

Saw a memo sent out to all employees from Charles "Mr HIPAA" Fletcher that first congratulated employees on being mindful of HIPAA regs but then warned them that posting on blogs "even anonymously" was a violation of Essent policy and would be strictly enforced.
Recently, while wating to check out at WalMart, in response to my "how are you?" a complete stranger told me all about her recent surgery, the complications and the care she received at PRMC. As well as a similar surgery and complications her aunt had. For many people a surgery or even just a hospital stay is a life event and newsworthy. They tell everyone about it.
So how can Fletch be so sure that an anonymous post about a patient's experiences at PRMC are from an employee? The answer is he can't. It's just another excuse for a witch hunt. Already people have been fired from allegedly having something to do with this blog. Oh, wait. For going in a different direction from the hospital. Just another way to get rid of 'necessary terrorists'!
I hear another layoff is coming soon.
Please, dear Lord, let the rumor about ETMC be true!!!

sleepy_steve said...

I've heard that "safe harbor" has been filed several times in the past couple of weeks. Great job with your staffing "ducky-boy"! Maybe it's time for more lay-offs!

Anonymous said...

Steve, you have it all wrong- they're "just nurses"! I mean, who cares, right? Not Duckers and his mallardjusted tail(feather)-kissers. As long as the bottom line is met, (fie on) the nurses.

Anonymous said...

duckie has no nursing license, but surely he could be cross-trained in some more useful area of service than the one he now occupies. food service and housekeeping are areas of great need at prmc; he could also be trained as a nurses aide. and no BMW, duckie. you must roll up your sleeves and do your part to ensure that "the patient comes first", as you preach to your hostage audience in those dreaded, mandatory customer service trainings you do. time to practice what you preach, duckie.