Thursday, February 19, 2009

From The Front Lines....3/13

These were pulled from anonymous comments submitted to the blog yesterday. Most deal with Essent's anti-blog policy.

Heard that last week on South Campus there were 30 patients and only three nurses to care for them. Heard the nurses filed a "safe haven".
And one of Ducky's "8 Points" is The Patient Comes First?
Rrrrrright....that goes along with "Employees are our most valuable resource"!
Safe Haven is a notification of a dangerous situation--in this case loading three nurses with 10 patients apiece. Some patients require a higher nursing to patient ratio. If this was the situation, it was appropriate. Just remember, we can't talk about being short-staffed....

So Essent sent out a memo that stated the following:
"It starts out with Happy New Year..
and in one of those small paragraphs it has a little note informing about the increasing number of complaints (anonymous on-line internet "blogging".) "This will not be tolerated and will lead to immediate termination of employment and is a violation of company policy and the Federal Law!" The Health Information Director at MVH posted a comment on the blog using her name and title. So is she still employed or is it just to scare the employees?

Quote from "Kathy DiPietro, RHIT said...
I am the Director of the Health Information Mangement Department at MVH and I am tired of being lied about by ex-employees"
But, is she really? I can't tell. And who would be stupid enough...need I say more?

The Federal Law the memo was citing was in regards to HIPAA info. Posting priviledged information is a violation of federal law. However, I hope he can prove it!!!
Mr. Fletcher is the source of all HIPAA in Essent, however he's been aware of several breaches (and not on this blog) that have quietly gone away.

Saw a memo sent out to all employees from Charles "Mr HIPAA" Fletcher that first congratulated employees on being mindful of HIPAA regs but then warned them that posting on blogs "even anonymously" was a violation of Essent policy and would be strictly enforced.

This was kind of a hold-over from Christus. They had two policies that chapped: You couldn't discuss anything of a detrimental nature outside the hospital, and actions of employees that brought discredit to the hospital, even if on their own time, were grounds for dismissal.

Recently, while wating to check out at WalMart, in response to my "how are you?" a complete stranger told me all about her recent surgery, the complications and the care she received at PRMC. As well as a similar surgery and complications her aunt had. For many people a surgery or even just a hospital stay is a life event and newsworthy. They tell everyone about it.

So how can Fletch be so sure that an anonymous post about a patient's experiences at PRMC are from an employee? The answer is he can't. It's just another excuse for a witch hunt. Already people have been fired from allegedly having something to do with this blog. Oh, wait. For going in a different direction from the hospital. Just another way to get rid of 'necessary terrorists'!
And there are whistle-blower statutes in place to protect those revealing actual situations that are criminal or dangerous. We use 'medical ethics' to justify non-disclosure of medical malfeasance. How can the truth be a violation when it corrects a dangerous situation?

I find it rather alarming that Essent's logo is very much like Enron's. Didn't that start with the CEO stealing the employee's pensions??
And lastly:

I hear another layoff is coming soon.
Please, dear Lord, let the rumor about ETMC be true!!!


sleepy_steve said...

I was hanging out at the south campus ER waiting room yesterday and heard much discussion of the sell-out rumor. Everybody seems hopeful! Safe Harbor was filed for last night, too! It was upstairs somewhere but I heard a lot of complaining about it. With patients falling left and right and lawsuits looming, I would have thought that staffing would be a priority..... NOT. "Hey, Duck-Boy!", your nurses are jumping ship! What are we going to do when they're all gone?

Anonymous said...

I was talking to a Doctor friend of mine that was visiting a friend in the south campus ER. John Doe presented to the ER after sitting in waiting room for a hour with CP. Charge Nurse and ER doc stated that if was chest pain it needed to go to North Chest Pain Center. EMS was called for a "emergency" transfer from south ER to north chest pain center. Doc friend was still in the ER when John Doe was brought back by ambulance to the south campus for admit. I believe it was Pneumonia. Essent you are a joke. Your ER, Chest Pain Crisis Center is a joke, Dux is a pathetic piece of trash for all of the lies and misleading info he crams down the employees throat. Best thing for Essent to do is pack there sh_t and hit the trail. Hell, going to Bonham sounds better. PRMC please sell!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

a quote from the blog "But, is she really? I can't tell. And who would be stupid enough...need I say more?" Take my word as a current employee, yes she is stupid enough and no they aren't lies.

Anonymous said...

This first comment was written by the house supervisor on South at 4:30 a.m. Maybe she could have helped with the shortage.

cover up
Paris, TX
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First of all, you are not the loved one. You are R.Caffee. The facts of family backing you up are false and to try to prove otherwise is quite sad. You need to remember that a REAL person died. You deserve what you get. If there was no wrongdoing then you should be punished for bringing threads on here that are so personal and so heart breaking. You will definitely have your day. If you are so innocent why do you feel so compelled to ooooze the bloggers? You, are an idiot.

Dallas, TX
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COVER-UP was written by a PRMC nurse, while on the job. Approximately 4:30 a.m.

Anonymous said...

Since some are talking about a possible sale given Essent Healthcare’s financial mess, I thought that it would be prudent to comment on Essent Healthcare’s sole Pennsylvania hospital – Southwest Regional Medical Center.

A quick search of the Pennsylvania Health Care Cost Containment Council’s website says it all. In their region ...

Region 1

... SRMC managed to lose more money than all but 1 hospital ...

The Numbers

Considering that SRMC is one of the smaller hospitals in this region, this is pretty telling in itself. However, when you consider what just happened to the only facility that managed to lose MORE money than Southwest Regional Medical Center ...

Aliquippa Hospital To Have Bankruptcy Hearing Today, Former Employees To Attend

... you really begin to get the full financial picture/time bomb.

Tick tock ... tick tock ... tick tock ... BOOM!

Anonymous said...

just looking in the paris news today and noticed a ad for wilson and jones. they are looking for experienced nurses with icu/telemetry/er/surgery/ and cardiac. w&j has a NEW cardiac program, cv surgeons, salary scales, critical care differentials, clinical ladder programs, computerized charting, equipment, renovated units, philosophy/leadership, and NEW VISION. also saw where titus regioan medical center, hunt regional healthcare, and red river general was looking for RN's. No prmc ad. I guess when you only have 30 patients, you don't need to advertise. PRMC please leave and sell. Sell to titus, hunt, or red river, or sell to the doctors. Please Please Please. You have ruined the Paris reputation with your lies and deception.

Anonymous said...

Didn't Essent lose money 3-4 years out of the 5 they owned Crossroads? And pumped millions into it.

Could be just holding on for image. Like before.

Anonymous said...

Anon, that's Wilson N. Jones. They have decent facilities, and I and my family members were treated well there. They have their own issues, but at least are profitable and busy.

And why is the house super on the 'Net at PRMC instead of helping out on the floor or in ER? . So who is the idiot?

Anonymous said...

Do they not have a PR person to handle all of this with the finesse and spin of a politician? I have noticed Ducky does all the talking and just seems to dig himself into a deeper hole. Seems strange that someone hasn't put a gag on him, yet.

Anonymous said...

Don't complain, just help him get the dirt out of the hole. Eventually he'll be in so deep he can't get out- then the dirt gets dumped back in. worst any of us get would be cruelty to animals.

sleepy_steve said...

Harr-de-harr!! I've heard it all now!! They even bag on Duckey-boi and Essent at the VA hospital in Bonham! Jesus, that is low.
How many have to fall, quackers?
How many times do supervisors have to call employees, desperate to staff a shift? Most of the employees laugh when they see a familiar phone # pop up, then laugh when they listen to the message on speaker phone. No OT, no show!, No bonus, no show! No sick time, No, show! No letter of resignation from Ducks, no show! Quack! QUACK! QUACK! QUACK!

sleepy_steve said...

Ducky, the puppet-master, has gotten the strings caught around his throat.... That "quack" is starting to sound hoarse, these days. I'm sure that this site is all the more annoying since Ducky knows that nothing can be done about it, even after their best legal efforts! Welcome to Texas, you dopes! Maybe you can step on people in TN.... Maybe you should have stayed there.

Anonymous said...

Just remember, in a sale, if they bring benefits across (sick and vacation), that's less money the seller gets.

Anonymous said...

sleepy steve, you're crackin' me up!!! gotta wonder how many of those shifts connie and rita have been covering. LOL!!!!

sleepy_steve said...

I don't know if it even matters anymore...... Several nurses that I have spoken with are just waiting for the temporary, transition-related hiring freeze at Greenville and the other new Baylor facilities to end, then adios!

Anonymous said...

"But, is she really? I can't tell. And who would be stupid enough...need I say more?" No, need to say more about Kathy Dipietro, Director of Health Information. Her stupidity speaks for itself.

Giles Corey said...

Hear Ducky is instituting "Town Hall Meetings" where employees will be enocuraged to ask questions and make comments. Really???
Ducky says he wants to improve communication. But communtication requires LISTENING as well as talking. Ducky likes to hear his own voice, but will he hear any others? Will anyone be brave enough to say anything??

fac_p said...

I'd really like some comments from the former Crossroads employees. Apparently some have found the site.

When they were going under, the State of Missouri brought in support for the employees. And note that the employees that were re-hired by the new employer lost all seniority, sick days, and vacation days.

Anonymous said...

"Hear Ducky is instituting "Town Hall Meetings" where employees will be enocuraged to ask questions and make comments. Really??? Ducky says he wants to improve communication. But communtication requires LISTENING as well as talking. Ducky likes to hear his own voice, but will he hear any others? Will anyone be brave enough to say anything??"

any time ducks institutes something like this, watch out people. employees saying something he doesn't like will most likely be terminated.

Anonymous said...

Are we talking 30 patients on a floor, or in the whole house????

What census level is the hospital running? This is what, a hospital licensed for 300 some patients???

10% occupancy? it can't be.

Giles Corey said...

Town Hall meetings start today. The concensus I've been hearing runs like this:

"Why bother? Admin doesn't want to hear anything WE have to say!"


"I'm not going and not saying anything. Don't want to be labelled a 'terrorist' and put on the cut list for the next lay off!"

So that leave the brown-nosers being the main ones attending. I am sure Ducky will be pleased.

Giles Corey said...

Well I heard that at the Town Hall Meeting everything is sunshine and roses--so good in fact that Ducky & Co are going to pay out a bonus to employees. (Apparently they 'set aside' some funds from the 2008 budget for this--could it be the matching funds for 401K?) Bonuses are expected to be between $200 and $4000 dollars based on full or part-time status and number of quarters worked. They may have to 'break up' some payments. The first installment is to be doled out on Friday, March 13th (how auspicious!)
Most employees are skeptical. Will it really happen? 4K seems like a lot to dole out to that many full time employees....
And is this bonus because Essent finally cares about its employees or is it an effort to stem the flood of exiting staff?

fac_p said...

Could it be mitigating the 10% cut in director's paychecks?

You wonder if it could be for tax advantage? Certainly not for the pay taxes on a bonus, not on the matching funds!

But, they're trying to keep people from jumping ship, so what better way than to say you are s-t-r-e-t-c-h-i-n-g out the payments. All it becomes is a retention incentive. Your 401k money held hostage.

If things are so much better, then director's salaries have gone back they don't advertise that!

Anonymous said...

OK I dont understand. First e$$ent lays off nurses; then they chooses to not match the employees 401k (retroactively). Now they are giving bonuses? Maybe they really are circling the drain this time.

Anonymous said...

Hey duck how does it feel when your employees are praying that you fail?

Anonymous said...

"Now they are giving bonuses?" How and Why? On the bright side maybe the Department Director at MVH can use their bonuses to educate themselves. Hey Mrs. Dipietro here your chance.

Anonymous said...

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