Saturday, January 31, 2009

NP Walking....2/6

Would appear that the pay cut "administration" took hit the trenches. Rumour has it that Vurlinda, the nurse practicioner that was hired for Honey Grove, then bounced to West Paris RHC, was hit with the 10% cut--and quit.

One would think that: (a) She was bounced around initially. Has a longer drive to go to work. (b) She's a provider, and actually works for a living.

She probably had a contract. Have you heard of an ER group taking a paycut during their contract period? How about a hospitalist? They aren't given a "take it or leave it" ultimatium.

Wonder what it cost to recruit Vurlinda? Maybe they needed the additional numbers in the ER?

Look at your big toe----Ready?!


Anonymous said...

No kiss, no flowers, no promise of a call in the wonder Vurlinda left. One can only be (messed) over so many times until enough becomes too much. Perhaps she had options, such as employment elsewhere.

Now, multiply this by several hundred, and you have what Duckboy and his mallardjusted ducklings are doing (with Essent's blessing) to the rest of the employees.

But hey, she's just a nurse.....who cares what they think. Right, Duckers?

Anonymous said...

Merrimack Valley Hospital has brought back (2) physicians. Dr Birdsdall and Dr Rustem. As an employee I am shock!!!! The CEO stood in leadership and bad mouth both of those physicians. Basically he said Dr Birdsall wasn't a loss - and he wasn't happy with him - empty promise with the hospital..... He then stated about Dr Rustem that he wanted him to leave because of his billing practice. Talking about shooting yourself in the foot. So the hospital is falling fast and you bring back physician that you weren't happy with. Maybe the CEO should think before he bad mouth physicians.