Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Staying Out Of Politics?....7/19

Is this the same company that Hud Connery founded? Hud, who gave so much to political candidates? In checking the Essent PAC record, it would seem that this is the election that they're staying out of...a far cry from previous elections in which Hud personally gave thousands ($70K+, minus the $7,250 returned for over contributing) in campaign contributions. Likewise did top Essent executives. They even tried to have a fundraiser for a political 'friend of Sharon Hospital'...but, we're not trying to buy Sharon Hospital any more, are we? And, besides, the fundraiser was cancelled as being in violation of federal rules governing campaign finance. I still wonder why Hud donated $500 under Arcon Healthcare/COO, in 2004. Wasn't it defunct in '98? Ahhh, it must have been for old times sake....

But the current crew doesn't seem to be givers. Take that as it may....

Hey, speaking of the current crew, have you noticed that Dick Salerno is back with FTI? At least his name is on the website. He wasn't a big giver, either. $250 when he was with Healthtrust.


Anonymous said...

Don't have much time here, but ran a quickie. First, it looks like Essent's PAC raised $1,400 and spent $0. Did I read that correctly?

Also, did a random check from the site and it looks like HCA, Tenet, Community Health Systems and Capella healthcare also contributed to their PACs. So why not rag on them all?

Furthermore, you are a good Republican and I am sure you opposed McCain-Feingold which you feared would keep you and your brethern from donating to the nut fringe Evangelical right wingers. So why piss on these companies from participating in the political process via monetary contributions?
Whatever name for the day you have given me. I went from Matt to, was it Todd?

Anonymous said...

Either the current bunch don't make it a policy to contribute to PACs, or they haven't found any candidates worthy of their contributions.

Or..........with a 4.5 million-dollar loss, it may be all they can do to rustle up money for pizza (LOL).

Doesn't seem to make sense to give out lots of coin when your company is that far in the red. This, of course, is assuming the new bosses are using any sense.

Anonymous said...

Big Dick back at FTI?
Doubtful. When he managed Carraway for FTI he was "dickin" around with several of the female employees. Doubt they's want him back.

fac_p said...

I kind of always looked at Hud as a monkey's uncle, but maybe that relationship is closer to the equine and a slightly rearward one, at that.

I know you have a Obama First in your yard, now don't you?

Anyway, if you look at Hud's contributions, they were consistantly Republican, with a few minor exceptions.

As to the contributions, don't you think that they'd be under a microscope? Have to be a really small microscope, though, with only $1,400.

Anonymous said...

heard thru the grapevine that the guy that runs/owns mays home health is leaving to go to titus regional medical center and not keep up may home health. any truth to this.

Anonymous said...

It may just be that Essent is not as politically active since Dud was kicked off the island. That, and maybe they're not as intrigued by the current crop of candidates.

Who knows? What they need to do now is try to get this sorry mess they inherited from Dud cleaned up, if at all possible.