Monday, September 04, 2006

Breakfast...for a Price...10/12

A couple of months ago, Sharon Hospital was nice enough to solicit campaign contributions from hospital staff and physicians for a political fund-raiser (breakfast) at the hospital. $500 was the asking price. All on hospital stationary.

The recipient was labeled as a "true friend" of the hospital who cut the red tape in allowing the first (and only) conversion of a not-for-profit community owned hospital to a for-profit entity.

"The letter may have violated several federal election laws: While a for profit corporation may hold fundraisers for politicians, they are prohibited from making donations as a corporate entity unless they register as a political action committee. A corporate PAC would be allowed to solicit campaign donations only from executives and stockholders, and a solicitation letter must include a statement that employees will not be punished if they don’t participate."

Politics as usual?...the affair was cancelled.....

Heck, why can't we all be like Hud...his political contributions totalled $17k in '04 and '06 cycles. And, he contributed $5k to the red-tape remover. (Hal Andrews added another $1,250.) It will be interesting how much is donated in this off-year election


Anonymous said...

If you pull up all three periods listed, you get a better idea of the money he dumps into politics--his wife included, around $32,000. Guess Johnson was the red tape remover, eh Frank?

Anonymous said...

Out of curiosity's sake, using the link, I ran the figures for Nancy L. Johnson, a CT politician, that received campaign contributions from TN Donors--$105,000 for the last three elections. Guess her decisions are popular with the medical community!

fac_p said...

I was curious as well, the CEO of Christus also contributed $500 to Johnson's campaign.

Would be interesting to see a voting record on her....frank