Thursday, March 27, 2008

New CEO....4/9

Essent confirmed Mike Browder as the permanent CEO. He had been the interim top dog since November when Hud Connery stepped down (or was stepped on...!)

One could wonder if the long and hard search they made uncovered any other possibilities, but Browder had the advantage of being current in the corporation. Another thought is, most of those about, in the various companies are like Hud--products of HCA/Columbia--with very little difference in style.

Had a comment that I had filed away for future use that might put things in context. Remember Muskogee? Essent bid on it and withdrew when Hud was invited to a question-and-answer session?

Apparently, the new owners (Capella) waited a bit and then drug-tested all the employees...using hair. Hair is a record farther into the past...3-6 months...and 200 of the staff were terminated. I can imagine a new look here...bald nurses and techs! (Remember, scalp hair isn't the only source! Eyebrows might not grow back!) (This is uncomfirmed, but an interesting contrast. How much would it cost to test everyone at that level, anyway???)

The employment pool is larger there, and they're relying on agency personnel heavily. Same story, different company and town.


Anonymous said...

Stay tuned more inspections, inquiries, and investigations are on their way. This new CEO has a bunch of things on his plate to answer, I doubt that he will last any longer than the last few. A few new lawsuits are soon to be filed too. keep your eyes open.

Anonymous said...

I heard that a poss wrongful death lawsuit is going to be filed on ER Doctor Goodman over sloppy care. I heard that at Titus Regional Medical Center.

Anonymous said...

What is your point about drug testing in Muskogee? Is it that Capella takes Essent's alleged security paranoia to new heights? That they are more concerned about patient safety than Essent since they drug test their employees?

Essent drug tests, as well, generally with urine. But, this was more about the personnel crunch...and that things could be worse....

The other aspect was that they're all cut from the same cloth. Most have their roots in HCA/Columbia, where a buck is A BUCK! (A perversion of Lombardi--Winning isn't the thing, it's the ONLY thing...frank)

Anonymous said...

Don't know about you, but if I am a patient in a hospital I sure as hell would want some comfort that people taking care of me were not drunk or high on drugs. Seems if we test baseball players for steroids, or airline pilots for alcohol and drugs, it really isn't too much to ask to test health care professionals.

I would agree, but several might say that 6mo ago, and on a vacation or on their own time might be their business. Several countries and even states have different drug laws/standards. What is legal there might not be here....frank

by the way, alcohol use/abuse leave a permanent marker, not just 6mo...should on-call providers be tested as well????

Anonymous said...

Here are some things as a employee of PRMC I have a problem with the hospital. Why can't we do CABG's here instead of shipping out to Baylor Dallas, etc. GI bleeds on the weekend-ship to Dallas because GI docs will not take call. Acute CVA's have to be shipped out because Dr. Preston takes call on a call to call basis. PRMC can't TPA due to him. ENT docs don't take call on the weekends. Seems that people are getting better service and care at Salas Minor care until they can't take care of you anymore they call 911. Shame shame on PRMC for not providing the docs with top notch equipment and some of the blame goes on the docs for not taking call and at least helping the community.

Anonymous said...

Back when I was an employee of Christus-slash-PRMC, we were doing CABGs, but the surgeon was not exactly top-notch. Most of his patients got return trips to OR to tighten up stitches and get rid of bleeders left behind by this guy. It started costing way too much for CABGs in Paris, thanks to this man. I won't name names so as to avoid a libel suit (even though the truth about him is very well-known), but he acquired the nickname Dr. Slipknot.

Giev the choice between him and a trip to Dallas, which would YOU choose if you needed a CABG done?