Sunday, March 02, 2008

Just an Observation....3/5

This is just an observation from a person who has used both hospitals recently, for pre op and then op I saw such things as unsanitary conditions in both places, inconsiderate staff, and what appears as inept or untrained personal.

Maybe it is the attitude of the staff "I will do what I have to do to keep the job but not one thing more," “patients don’t matter,” and “it is not my job” attitudes prevail. If my Aunt was still there and was head nurse again, I assure you those nurses would take care of the patients or they would be gone. Should she have caught one looking at a surgery wound without gloves on that nurse would be gone right then. There would not be trash left on the floor, patients would be made as comfortable as possible, and the staff would use a pleasant tone of voice at all times.

In the three days that I spent in the hospital I can say that there were only 2 nurses who showed me that they were true nurses. The rest were there for the pay check and did nothing more than what was required by the chart. On the third day I told the Doctor to release me I could get better care at home.

I have no knowledge of the Quint Studer group or what they really do, however, if it is that patients should be treated with respect, dignity, and compassion I am all for it.

When nurses and staff dictate to the Doctors and patients what will be done and how it is to be done or ignore doctors orders you don’t have a hospital, you have a first aid station. A poor one at that. This is why patients go else where to go to a hospital. Patients have rights, and the first one is where to spend the money for health care. If I have to have someone in the room taking care of me while sick I don’t need a hospital or their nurse.

I see a bunch of passing the buck and no one taking the responsibility of making changes. I guess if you cover it up deep enough with layers of management the problem will go away. And this is why most people go elsewhere for their Medical care.

I really can't add much to this. The end result is the patients and their perception of our hospital.


Anonymous said...

A sad commentary on how bad things have become. Thing is, there's plenty of blame to go around- it isn't all just Essent, but their tactics & policies have contributed greatly to the decline. People who have worked all of their lives at either Big Mac or St. Joe's have had to deal with the merger, sales, and the debacles that were Christus and Essent. They're too deeply rooted in the area to just go elsewhere to work, so they stick it out, trudging forward waiting until retirement. Some of the younger ones I can understand- simple case of motivational deficiency.

You can only go to the whip for so long until the horse starts to falter and just quit- after that, further beatings do no good. This place is in dire need of new leadership. And I don't mean a new administrator (although that would be nice), but new ownership, be it another chain or something local.

Anonymous said...

Over the Christmas Holidays I had to have a very unexpected surgery..I was put in a room on the surgical floor..There were stale cheeto's left over from the previous person that were there when I was admitted and were still there when I checked out 4 days later. Everytime that the nurses came in to check my IV or to give meds my husband had to remind them to wash thier hands...I would be deathly afraid to use them unless it would not be possible to make it to a different hospital.