Thursday, September 28, 2006

MRMC Board Votes...9/30

Muskogee Hospital Board Votes To Sell Or Lease Muskogee Hospital

AP - 9/27/2006 11:37 AM - Updated: 9/27/2006 11:38 AM
MUSKOGEE, Okla. (AP) -- The city-owned Muskogee Regional Medical Center will either be sold or leased to a for-profit hospital in hopes services will be expanded.

The hospital's board of trustees are considering proposals from Signature Hospitals of Dallas; Community Health Systems of Brentwood, Tennessee; Capella Healthcare of Franklin, Tennessee; and Essent Healthcare of Nashville, Tennessee.

Hospital officials say part of the sale or lease agreement will include requirement of no layoffs, no cuts in care for the poor and to keep the hospital's name.

Well, it appears that Essent has a chance, however, the conditions imposed might put them out of the running. What's the first thing they've done: Changed the name (guess they can't do their standard name contest. Wonder if Hud'll do the same speech?) Actually, the first thing has been the layoffs. They have, however, agreed in previous purchases to continue indigent care.


Anonymous said...

"We hope to make this 'the' hospital in the region...." W. Hudson Connery, CEO/President of Essent Healthcare quote Maxine, "Wipe your mouth, you still have a tiny bit of bullshit on your lips."

Anonymous said...

If Muskogee chooses Essent, wonder what foreign dignitary will titilate the new Admin crew there?

Probably none...unless they have relatives there. The cardiologist is apparently a member of the royal family...a cousin, or something of the sort....frank

anonymous said...

I think someone out there needs to let the potential hospital aquisition know about this blog site. It may change their perspective on the candidates. Forewarned is forearmed!

Anonymous said...

If the Muskogee hospital chooses Essent, they can’t say they were not warned. Several members of PRMC's Medical staff (not any of the paid staff) were contacted and the blow by blow history of our experiences here was recounted.

The layoff promise is particularly amusing; every nonperforming hospital that Essent targets is a not-for-profit that has grown fat and lazy with personnel and policy. Hubbila's whole business plan is based on cutting both people and services that have made the original hospital decide to seek a 'White Knight to come in and save them'. He holds himself out as able to keep the same staff and services by a poorly defined "expertise" that the local board and medical staff just simply lack.

Unfortunately, the "expertise" that he has is to cut personnel and services; put together a chain of hospitals that show an improved bottom line (no matter how much local suffering it takes); then, go to the stock market and pay off his investors and himself. What is the really tragic truth is that the local hospitals are cosmetically buffed up, but really no longer anything like they were to the community prior to his machinations.

The people have long before started going to the nearest large city for their medical care of any significance; only Medicaid and Medicare and the poor or desperate continue to use what was once "their community hospital "I suppose this trend is inevitable; but my advice to the Chief of Staff at Muskogee Hospital was to --First, stay locally controlled even if it means not expanding. Second, for Gods sake, don’t fall into the hands of this lightweight bunch of used car salesmen. If you have to merge or sell, go with the deep-pockets chain that buys and fixes the Turds that Hub and his cronies polish-up and sell.

Couldn't have said it better myself,...well, maybe.... Third, a larger, deeper-pocketed organization generally doesn't have the span of control to micro-manage like Hud does. They generally rely on their on-site folks to have a better handle regarding local conventions and sensibilities. That can backfire, as in the case of Christus and Monty's madness, which put Paris in this position, but he was here far too long....frank