Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Famous Quotes

"...We are committed first and foremost to providing high quality health care services for everyone in Paris and the surrounding communities." Joe Pinion, Essent COO
"We hope to make this 'the' hospital in the region...." W. Hudson Connery, CEO/President of Essent Healthcare
"We believe that the company simply needs more time to allow its concept to mature and to grow its market share and revenue base," Hud Connery, one month prior to closing Arcon Healthcare.
"We have determined it is impossible for the debtors in
these cases to reorganize under Chapter 11." ...note left in the door prior to a scheduled meeting with Arcon creditors.

I'm not the director...." Beverly Mock, director of Radiology, PRMC
Diese Frau wird niemals verstehen -- This woman will never understand


Anonymous said...

2000+ hits in the first week that the counter was in place, with a SuperBowl weekend, as well.

Anonymous said...

One has to wonder just how truly committed Essent is to "providing high quality health care services" when they continue to endanger patients without any hesitation. Dept managers are ordering employees to do tasks that are are against both TDH rules & regs as well as every possible code of ethics!
Not only is this practice a danger to patients, it also means that licensed personnel can lose their licenses and be liable for law suits. And I can assure you the dept managers will NOT stand behind the employee that was following orders.
I encourage PRMC employees to not blindly obey any order that may endanger a patient. If I am ever given such an order I will contact TDH immediately.
The only way for evil to prevail is for good men (and women) to do nothing. I think it's time for Paris citizens to take action!

Anonymous said...

Guess she finally got one right....9/06