Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Fact or Opinion.... 9/6

I received an email that pooh-poohed comments as conjecture, rumor, and less than factually based. They wanted specifics. That presents problems:

  • To comment on the blog, with specific facts about a situation requires putting your butt on the line. (Although I've tried to keep identifiers out of publication.)
  • People have been suspended for commenting, logging into, or promoting the blog.
  • One was supposedly fired for not being able to stop the information outflow.
  • Phone calls and computer use are subject to monitoring.

Heck, when just mentioning that they are short-staffed can get a suspension, it kind of takes the wind out of your sails.

The popularity of the blog indicates that it hits a nerve...Essent ( both here and corporate) logs in daily, and so do healthcare organizations from all over the country. I don't know if it's to commiserate, or to gloat...or to see if they are reflected in any of the comments that are so visibly displayed on a platform that has had over 77 thousand hits and is referred to by blogs in several other countries.

Somehow I think it's all of the above.


fac_p said...

Some of the older posts are getting comments, May, for instance. Frank

fac_p said...

And apparently there are some locations that have the blogs might try this link.

Anonymous said...

I work at Methodist in Dallas and just laugh when almost every week I see a nurse that has worked at PRMC or a pt. that states he/she won't go back.

Anonymous said...

I don't work at PRMC, but was told about this site. I lost a family member at Methodist because the Doctor gave my family member a medicine that he was allergic to and passed away. We will never go back. We are in the process of a major lawsuit against Methodist and the Doctor. I will laugh when the doctor is unemployed and Methodist pays for employing the doctor.

Anonymous said...

I can see several points in your case, mostly based in protocols--and if they are adhered to.

Examples: Armbands for known allergies, proper history in the chart, marking the outside of the chart, and checking the chart and armband prior to administering the drug are usually in standard protocols.

Depending on the circumstances, (and the protocols in place,) there could be several more people involved--and possibly the physician that you have named, cleared. Your attorney should be well versed in medical malpractice suits, and have a consultant review the protocols.

Single case malpractice rarely ends with a total suspension of license/privileges unless it is extremely blatant.

The greater likelihood is that of the parties settling, and some lawyers build practices and reputations on the simple fact that many doctors and hospitals settle rather than go through a lengthy trial with bad publicity.

Anonymous said...

Regarding the Greene Co. Memorial Hospital situation: I am sure a few of you are old enough to remember the original "invasion of the body snatchers" done about 1956 with Kevin McCarthy as the star (as a physician, natch) you will recall how he started noticing a peculiar change in long-time patients and how they were acting. Then suddenly he discovered one who appeared dead and....

Not to bog down in the story-line, but flash forward a bit and he suddenly realizes that these good towns’ people are very passive and trying to get him to convert.

You may also recall after much confusion that he is suddenly alone in this process and that something sinister has indeed taken over his little part of the world and no one will believe him when he tells of what’s happening.

The beauty of this movie is how it depicts someone who recognizes an evil, tries to tell his community, and finds himself totally abandoned by people he has lived with and cared for over the years.

Finally, in the end we see him standing on the freeway screaming like a madman at how could everyone be so blind and not heed his warnings. Indeed, how could we let such a presence into our community in the name of "moving forward"!

"Doesn’t anyone believe me" is the tortured expression of our hero as he tries to escape the madness.

Sound familiar?

All too....Frank

Anonymous said...

Well Frank, if these disbelievers are asking for proof, seems to me that they really need to work for these yahoos (Essent) for about 6 months. That ought answer any questions these same folk might EVER have! And while I'm thinking about it, anything about the company or the head honchos is easily researched on the web, or are their secretaries web-challenged?

Anonymous said...

So we have...Invasion of the Brain Snatchers? I see lots of bodies...just no brains in them! Gee they all seem to be in management positions or in city government!

Anonymous said...

From what I've heard, all is not roses in 'tiptoe alley'.

I wonder if the person that was mugged outside of the guest house is suing the hospital for not maintaining security on the premises?

Come on, we don't have to drum up business that way, or is that the new referral program?

And what about the PACs system being open to anyone with a laptop and the downloaded software from the distribution site (initials +4 numbers).

I'd really like to see if Aunt Bessie's hip is as good as new!

If it's that open, then not securing the system is a violation.

Anonymous said...

I heard the other day about a patient that had a pacemaker placed locally, was still having problems, went to Dallas and found out that one of the leads of the pacemaker wasn't even connected!

Ran this one by a consultant and found that the pacemakers are tested in place for their ability to set the pace--the electrical current that is needed is reduced to the lowest level and then the unit is placed. However, if the leads aren't firmly tightened, they can move out of the connection. That would seem to fall back on the cardiologist...frank

Anonymous said...

Hey, I am an ER nurse and I want your to know I don't give a damn about gays, the northeast or anything else. I am working VERY hard to meet the needs of ALL of our patients. They do get screwed some of the time because of shitty nursing, but Essent gets what it pays for. I was cut 4 &*cking cents because I am making TOO much money, do your believe it? How is 4 cents going to break the Essent bank? Yet every day I care for, direct and coordinate patient movement through the ER. All because I want to have the people of my home town to have quality care. But since Essent can't give me what I need to do my job (supplies, etc.) I GIVE UP. They don't care one whit, but they have just lost an experienced, competent, certificated, educated, and professional nurse just for 4 cents. Hope they are happy. Because you know, I am!

8:47 PM

There are a lot of folks that have stayed--too much time invested in the hospital. A lot are going to do the best job they can, not out of any particular loyalty to Essent, but because that's what they do, despite Essent--but for the patients. When you drive these people out, it really is the beginning of the end....frank

Anonymous said...

Who wouldda thunk it, we get one couple out of x-ray in which one can influence the career progression of the other, and along comes another pairing up, and the recepient is in the same spot as the first...rumor or opinion?

But, we had somewhat of the same situation in ER--remember Robin....

But, placing a new grad in a PACs administrator position was sort of untoward...hopefully she was worthy...or worthwhile.

Wonder how long the scarecrow is out of the house this time?