Thursday, March 02, 2006

HIPAA Violation-revisited?--3/20

Apparently the nurse that had to go to Greenville for care had been written up. (Despite being granted non-FMLA leave for the time she was off work.) Looks like a violation of HIPAA. (See follow-up comment.) They compromised HIPAA protected information: patient lists. The use was obviously not for healthcare, and the most direct way would have been through the ER treatment log for that weekend.

It should be a fine for the hospital, the the assistant to the director of nursing that authorized/utilized it, and possibly damages as well.

From her comments, she knew that there would be follow-up by administration, but I hate that they were able to punish the exercise of free speech. What would Hud's son's take be on that: Suppression by his father's corporation of the very rights that he had sworn to uphold and defend?


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I couldn't believe it when Red River Radiology (RRR) was forced to leave the hospital. Not many people know that twenty years or so when Paris didn't have a ct scanner, and the hospital refused to purchase one,RRR bought one on their own. When the hosp found out it could be profitable RRR sold them part interest. They didn't have to do it. Years later the same thing happened with MRI, and yes, the hosp got its share. A patient could get a scan at a fair price and it was read by a professional who had an interest in the community and its citizens. If abnormalities were identified the patient's Dr. was called and informed. That won't happen now. Essent wasn't happy with only a share of the pie, they want the whole thing and don't be surprised if the price doubles or triples, they don't care, they're the only game in town. More posts later about the card... card... heart program (what a joke). By the way I used to work for Essent but took less money elsewhere so I could sleep nights.

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I don't see how it is a HIPPA violation if the patient herself disclosed her own information.

Of course....what you said about Admin ferreting out the id of that poster IS a HIPPA violation. But then what does Essent care about the law?

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To all our 'buds' at Baylor: See what fun you're missing???

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As long as you continue to go against what your better judgment, knowledge, and training has taught you, eventually the odds will catch up and people will die.

Remember that management, although dictates what you do, does not earn your degree or license. Most do not have a medical background for what areas they administrate (blind leading the blind?)

Remember, also, that this administration won’t lose sleep for something a subordinate did wrong, they will just fire you, hiding behind the thought that you should have used better judgment (being a licensed professional.)

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The staff member (that would be me)who went to the Greenville hospital for treatment did NOT divuldge her identity! It was as you said, they went to the records. Now, let me clarify some things about the discipline. I had applied for and received approval for non-FMLA leave for the time I was off work. Then, when I came back, I was written up by the assistant to the director of nursing (really don't know what her title is)for being off during the time I was ill. I was NOT suspended but, it was made very clear (please note there were some other circumstances that would require me to be off some days because I applied for educational leave)that I would be written up for every day that I was out and eventually fired. So, I said "Let me save you the trouble. You will have my resignation by the end of my shift tonight." They did. I QUIT! There was NO suspension. Once again they are putting their own warped spin on situations to try to bully others into doing their dirty work and scare the employees that remamin for the security of their job. They also used some previous absences that I had stating "this should have been looked into before". Well, there was nothing to look into without the hospital stay in Greenville. I had a Dr. permit from that stay as well as from previous times. This site has definitely given me some fuel to consider when it comes to further actions. I had not considered it previously - not worth my time or effort. However, if they want to be ugly about this, maybe I should!

fac_p said...

I'm going to re-write the original post to reflect, but the HIPAA aspect is still valid. Thanks for the update, hope everything turned out for the better.

Anonymous said...

Thanks! Yes, things ARE better since I'm not there. I was having some bad headaches & starting to dread coming to work. It just amazes me that anyone would continue to choose to be associated with a facility of this nature. It is just plain abusive in the way employees are treated. It is unbelievable that such an establishment, especially one in which the community depends on so strongly for something as serious as their health care, is allowed to continue in this way. I have been in many situations over the years that have allowed me to work with many people spanning this country coast to coast. NEVER have I encountered an organization with the total lack of professionalism and the blatiant loathing of employees as this one. I must say, it has given me a very important lesson and a huge dose of reality. I do appreciate having this forum as it reinforces my decision not to allow an employer to be abusive to me in any way. They were paying me to perform the duties of my job description...not as a prostitute to do with me as they will.

Anonymous said...

That is amazing that the last comment was exactly the way I felt when I left PRMC.

I had headaches, nausea, and vomiting 2 months before I quit, and nightmares for about a year before I quit, starting shortly after Essent took over.

It was very hard for me to go back to work in a hospital. I had always been bubbling over with enthusiasm and confidence. Not anymore. I have taken on some distinct characteristics of a battered wife--but I was actually a battered employee.

Anonymous said...

Yes - I totally agree! The phrase "Battered Wife Syndrome" DOES fit here. I'm wondering if others are feeling the same way?!
I really appreciated the last comment on this subject. You really nailed what Essent is doing to it's employees. Very, very sad.

Anonymous said...

It is amazing, that by being professional and dedicated to one's job, that a company (Essent) can be so vile as to make you feel like you are the most worthless individual on the face of the earth. Apparently, supervisory and administrative staff is very threatened by this attitude that most of us in medical have. It is something that from the get go, we have been taught not only at home, but through the course of our education and experience as licensed medical professionals. In the course of my tenure with this outfit, it has been made very plain, that it is immaterial what your attitude is to your profession AND the patient. They don't give a hoot about anything other than the bottom line. So like a fool, I decided to stay it out and see what this new company would do. WRONG THING TO DO..........they blasted my confidence, berated my performance, and had the unmitigated gall to say they gave me a raise that in acutality was dropping my pay by 5 cents and giving it back to me for an additional licensure that was required to do my job from the get go! The only thing this company does not do is PHYSICAL abuse, then again, correct equipment to move patients besides ones BACK, could be preceived as physical abuse. Since leaving, talk about a weight off my neck!, I've found out that
1. Hey, I'm a really good person, AND great at my job!

2. There really are companies out there that DO give a hoot, and love to see you when you walk in.

3. Appreciate you through your good work ethic, being on time, and the going beyond the norm in situations that require it.

4. BONUSES.........oh yeah, now THAT was a shock! They actually DO exist! NOT in Paris, but in the REAL world!

5. A collective corporate process that protects and engenders true patient care and caring. AS WELL AS THE EMPLOYEE....imagine Virginia!!

6. Real (not imagined or made up) job reveiews that actually have some reality to them as well as, you got it........bonafide raises, not some lousy stab to make a supervisor/director look as though they are doing THEIR job.

5. Pride in ones occupation and pride in the company that you work for. THIS will never, ever be realized at Essent. THEY DON'T care one way or the other.

In closing, the last two years had been one of the most miserable stages of my life. I could kick myself for having stayed so long, but it has made me appreciate where I'm at now. I really, really ought to send flowers to the joke of a Director I had, just to let her know how grateful I am for her nefarious, perfidious ways that propelled me out of PRMC like a rocket! But, try and find a florist that wills sell you a dozen dead, black roses-HAHA!

Anonymous said...

I know this thread is a little old but..........there is further insult to injury here. I got a bill formt the ER doc. I believe the quack of a Dr. is the ER director but, could be wrong. Both HE & the hospital are lucky that I have not filed suit over this and be happy with what the insurance paid. But, NO........I got a bill from him. I don't mean a small bill but, the ins. only paid about 1/4 of what he billed for. Now, if that isn't bad enough, the insurance paid more for my Docs in Greenville than they did for the one at PRMC!!!!!!! No wonder they insist that we use THEIR docs & facilities. WHAT a rip-off!!!!!!!! AGAIN!!!!!!!! OK - can someone post the information as to whom to contact for HIPPA violations, please?

fac_p said...

For filing HIPAA complaints: