Monday, March 06, 2006

Back Channel--3/7

I received an email this morning with an idea that was worth posting.
Apparently a post was characterized as being off-base. Notice the use of apparently. If I am not positive about what is being given to me, I use the typical media disclaimers of: reported, apparently.... and the like. If what I publish is not accurate, feel free to sound off--I'll publish that, an ammendment, or a retraction.

But, you say, there is a "Catch-22": "If I post, then I can be suspended...even if it would have been in Essent's interest." That is where a back channel comes in. The email address allows you non-published access, of which some in administration have utilized, and I provide a more accurate product.

You can use your own email, or if you feel that tingling sensation around your neck when you put pen to paper, go to or and start an account. (Yes, you can have more than one!) If I feel that it is in your best interest not to have a tidbit published (you being the only one that could know, or it is too identifiable), I won't included it.

Hotmail includes the registration name (what you say yours is) so be creative. I have two JRs emailing, and one 'Hud', but I think it's more from another Newman flick, Cool Hand Luke: "What we have here is a failure to communicate"...which is probably the most appropriate reason for this blog.


fac_p said...

Actually, I don't know if it was off-base, I had one hearsay email about the cath lab, and they had no personal knowledge that it was wrong. So as it stands--it stands.

But I did get a heads up about the AMICAS PACS system last week--down for 6-8 hours??? Andrew was there, possibly to try a laying of hands.

And, first it was xray, not supposed to talk to anyone. Now, apparently, ER is not supposed to talk to xray. Whatever happened to free and open communication??!

Anonymous said...

With the usual subversive tactics, Essent has done it again. It would seem that ANY relationship between departments is a big NO-NO...but then again, they want robots doing the job. Wonder which department(s) they'll zero in on next? Sounds like it didn't work with Cath lab awhile back, heard they let the powers that be know, that they'd walk out enmasse. Perhaps that is the key, people sticking together as a collective unit, especially those that DO A GOOD JOB, and forming a united front to this laughable dictatorship. Cowards truly have a way of quickly dispersing when met with a unified stand. History does repeat itself sometimes, and it can't happen soon enough here in Paris.

And the PACS system down.....laying on of hands? Perhaps someone should tell Andrew that even tho' paranormal programs are the latest with television this year, don't think he's got quite what it takes to perform miracles, ya know?