Thursday, March 09, 2006

E$$ential Care--3/13

Not terribly timely, but last weekend, apparently the locum radiologist decided that Sunday afternoon coverage was unneeded--and left! X-ray was again without effective coverage for CTs and the like...although, the last time it was just undecipherable reports. This time, no reports!

Until there is a stable group of radiologists for on-site, apparently it is whatever is available--and we see what quality that is. One would assume that they are paid by the day, and not by the hour or exam...maybe that ought to be re-evaluated...or maybe the administrator on call should move their office to x-ray.


Anonymous said...

The imaging center in the old Sears building is still open (they haven't moved yet) and still has better prices than the hospital--as well as an on-site radiologist!

While the Cliffords are still a part of it, if you noticed the Paris Snooze ad when they disassociated from the hospital, there are quite a few partners in the enterprise, and all of them are a part of the community.

Even some of the radiologists from the old north campus group have joined.

When asked by Essent if they would be interested in coming to work for them, the remaining rads from the old group gave a resounding rasberry.

Anonymous said...

Don't read too much into the former McCuistion docs not taking Essent's offer.

First, they're both near retirement age and have no desire to get into department management issues. They've been contract employees of the Cliffords since 2001.

Second, they would have to cover all the interventional and mammographic duties because most locum tenens docs won't do those procedures.

Third, they would likely have to take 1-in-2 call. See 'First', above. More trouble than it's worth to cover all the inpatients and ER in Paris every other night and still have to bust your hump the next day reading mammograms and doing all the interventional cases, most of which they didn't do on the North Campus.

Fourth, the hospital practice in Paris has no long-term growth potential with a viable and established outpatient imaging center in town. It takes a large volume of Medicare/Medicaid plain films to equal a single outpatient MRI on a patient with HMO or private insurance.

Fifth, why hitch your wagon to Essent's star in this manner?

The only way Essent is going to get permanent radiology coverage in-house is to go to a Texas residency program, offer a really big income guarantee, and recruit 3-4 docs who work well together and are willing to move to town as a group. Then, Essent has to build an outpatient center of their own that will actually attract patients.

How likely is that?

Anonymous said...

Not only are they open and have better prices, but they have people who work for them that are glad to be there. Do these people just love to work? or, are they treated like real people and paid well?

Anonymous said...

How is Essent handling the other contract physicians, anesthesia, pathology, and ER? Since I don't work there anymore (ha, ha)I haven't heard if the others are satisfied with Essent making money on them as well.

Anonymous said...

As evidenced SOOOOO many times, management has dones ANOTHER, let's throw out the beans and see if we get a beanstalk outta this one folks.

Radiology is now the newest lab rat for unproven and ill advised management techniques.

YOU GO ESSENT.........your proclivity for idiocy is becoming the norm. But hey, at least your dependable in THAT respect!

Anonymous said...

I think that all but anesthesia bill their own professional services (like RR did), but could be wrong.

Anonymous said...

If the Rad left, wouldn't that be abandonment? I wonder what happend there?

Anonymous said...

Good question, especially since he was the only one available and exams were pending?? Leaving without coverage--a nurse could lose her license for that.

Anonymous said...

For the Paris community, the down and dirty of RRVR from a student:

The radiologists invest in their techs with a great teaching attitude.
The employees are treated very professionally and great…and are happy.
The patients have mentioned the preference of going to RRVR due to the level of care and quality.
Since the employees are happy with their jobs, the patients are well taken care of.
I’ve seen first hand the high level of concern for giving thorough exams to patients.
They have gone out of their way to give quality exams.

I just wanted to share this first hand experience…if it helps anyone.

Anonymous said...

For those that don't realize it, the rad students get a good look at the facilities, and the personnel.

When they rotate through, they see the good and the bad, even though, being students, they don't have the experience to know all the places to look.

But, they can gage the morale of the personnel, and the willingness of the same to help. The equipment comparisons come when they rotate to the various locations and see what does and doesn't work.

Anonymous said...

I say "Hurray" for the "student comment", it is obvious that even those that are not out of school yet, and have yet to procure their licensure, that Essent is NOT the place to be. Perhaps they might give it a years whirl, just to get experience. However, they too will affiliate themselves with organziations who have a higher standard of health care and a true concern for the employee. So Essent's plan to replace all of us "bad, overpaid" employees with students will fail, and Essents' predatory, malicious, rapacious and callous ways will catch up with them. Sorry, ran out of adjectives, but think that will suffice for this post!

Anonymous said...

Yes, but meanwhile, the bad overpaid employees have learned to stay mum in front of RT students as they are the eyes & ears of the Evil Dictator of Xray. Are they clever enough to realize she is using them?

Anonymous said...

The sorghum based, slurpy, fake southern belle sweetness that is brandished about like a caveman's club is NOT winning accolades for the Director of Xray. And don't think that some of the students aren't aware of it. Learning to play politics is one of the many lessons students learn. But also remember, they are working at other facilities and see what TRUE management is. Those that stay and play Frau Director's game are the ones to watch out for!! She do love her subversive games!

Anonymous said...

Why stay MUM, when you have a perfectly good outlet for opinion on this blog?!?!?!

Don't COW to these pinheads, let 'er rip on the blog, let it be known what the heck is transpiring at PRMC!!! Knowledge is a powerful weapon, utilization of your freedom of speech or the written word is even more so!! Concerned about being identified, would imagine folks are smart enough to cover their bases on this issue. If still concerned follow the advice of fac_p in earlier comments with regards to posting.

Anonymous said...

Let 'er rip is right. Think about this: Your family member is a patient, they are pushing that button, and they aren't whiners....

The shortages are killing care in this hospital. We are becoming immune to the suffering of others.

When there isn't the coverage, you have to prioritize, but what are we losing? Our humanity.

When they took down the Bishop Dubois quote in the lobby, they took some of the soul out of the hospital. Can we ever get it back?