Friday, February 17, 2006! They're Gone!

At approximately 4PM, the review stations, digitizer, and the remainder of the equipment that made life easier for the medical staff started leaving the premises...Oh, and the radiologists....Hopefully, Paris, the transition won't be as tramatic as the ER.


Anonymous said...

I read somewhere that the first law/edict made by a new ruler/leader gives a good indication of what kind of leader he will be.
Consider, then, Essent's first edict after purchasing PRMC--remember there were still problems from the merger of two ancient rivals, as well as all the usual problems of any small town hospital. The first edict? Make all the employees buy new uniforms color-coded by department/floor. This should've warned us right then and there!
1. Patients can't tell the difference despite the color-coding. Any one wearing scrubs or an ID tag is a nurse whether they are or not.
2. This was an unnecessary expense for employees.
3. All the other things that needed fixing! Hello!
4. Does the phrase "symbolism over substance" ring a bell?

The recent renovation at North Campus is a good example. All the equipment, furniture, etc that was there? Thrown away. Trashed. Sure, some of it was old, but most of it was still in very good condition! Never mind that none of that equipment was replaced. Oh, sorry. We don't have the funds for that!
Problems that existed prior to the renovation were not fixed. Just plastered and painted over. More examples of Essent's foolish business practices! And now the rads have been run off. Well done. Well done, Essent.

Anonymous said...

Some of the confusion by the patients is generated by the same color scrubs worn by all the staff on a floor. Have unit secretaries wear a different color. It's hard to figure out what is what and who is who.