Saturday, February 18, 2006

Essent Unpublished

If the federal government kept us this much in the dark, heads would roll and outrage would be heard from all media outlets. In the federal system, there are protections for whistle-blowers. There are also protections for the rights of individuals. Not here. Apparently:

Should you say that you are understaffed, you are liable for a three day suspension.
If you contribute to this blog, you can be suspended or fired.
If you have the misfortune to not recognize Andrew and complain in his presence, you can be fired.

The soon-to-be-published (real-soon-now) personnel manual is nebulous in its scope. One would assume that the manual would have been transposed from one of their other hospitals, which would have made it appear upon the purchase. But despite its absence, it is used to justify almost anything, as is the lack of a cohesive policy and procedure manual.

So I will do my part in creating a forum that allows the expression of an unimpeded dissenting opinion.
I will not release personal information.
I may alter some comments to change identifying characteristics, but not the context nor the intent.
I will continue this forum as a part of this community.


Anonymous said...

Hmm..they are actually going to commit these new rules to paper? Well well well. I think the ACLU will be very interested in that. Go for it Essent. You have met the enemy and they is us!

Anonymous said...

Protection? Not here, not Essent. Apparently they firmly believe that by telling employees to operate in a "silence mode", that we will all cower down and adhere to their policies. Browbeating and fear or retaliations/reprisals have always been a despots way of governing. But then, I give Essent too much credit! Usually a dictator has a more subtle and perverse way of easing people into their servitude. All Essent has done is create a beehive that they cannot control or maintain. In a conversation this past week with a physician, it was said that spouses of the local tyrants were very, very, vocal about how MUCH they hated Paris, Texas, and they were considering putting their homes up for sale to get out of Paris before they were unable to do so. Hmmmm, what does that tell us...........they too know a sinking ship, and like rats, will leave prior to any danger of being drowned. Wonder if the upper management will muzzle their spouses and put them under house arrest as they are trying to do with the employees.

Anonymous said...

So, the RRRA and PRMC divorce is the topic for the Med Staff meeting tomorrow. Camcorders are optional....

Just wait until they get a rad from Brooklyn...youse guys...on the dictation line....

Anonymous said...

Guess those wives don't like schlupping along with the commoners. Kind of, "there is no life if there is no Saks"....

Get a life, Saks is online!

As to the ACLU, use the feds. Looks like HIPAA might get 'em.

Anonymous said...

Hey, don't care which agency does it, just so it happens. We have yet to reach the level of abuse, whereby employees will stand together and form a unified front against Essent. It will take a great deal more than what has transpired to generate enough dissatisfaction,disgust and self loathing for letting these folks trample on us to get off our collective duffs and take them to task. Personally, I WANT to be there when the dominoes fall in a long lovely line......cheering until my throat is raw inclusive of pom poms etc!

Anonymous said...

It's getting harder and harder to keep quiet when I see somehing that I used to be oblivious to at work. At least when I get off I can log in to see if someone else caught it, or I can rant on my own.

Thanks, fac_p, for the outlet.

Anonymous said...

Thanks, fac_p, just a little late.

Supervisors are allowed to cuss and yell at the employees for trying to get work done in a more timely fashion—and the director/ administrator condones this as acceptable behavior.

Yet other employees are fired for speaking out or on hearsay evidence…members of administration are showing their true colors as the hypocrites that they are.

Their actions are acceptable in their business world, since they aren’t hurting their “own” people.

The hourly employees are oblivious to the fact that management will hang them out to dry, with their only fault that of obeying authority.

I hope they subpoena me in a court case, because I’ll back them just like they back me and my co-workers.