Friday, March 19, 2010

CHS has their problems

I probably wouldn't have even mentioned it, but a memo was passed my way. Remember Bill Heburn? He was involved with the purchase of PRMC, I believe. He was bounced from Essent when he developed a case of foot-in-mouth disease, and mentioned that Crossroads, their hospital in MO, had only been profitable for one year in five. Huddie didn't like that after I kind of mentioned it (and at least two selection committees should have taken notice, because that was not the way that Essent was presented to Sharon nor Paris), so Bill was in the wind.

He's apparently redeemed himself over the years, with Trinity, and now CHS. Bill will be taking the reins of Northwest Health System on an interim basis. Apparently the CEO and CFO simultaneously resigned. That in itself is probably significant. Also significant is the fact that while writing this, the web page with Doug Arnold (CEO) is still up--but probably not for long. The memo went out on the 18th. Good luck Bill.


TO: Northwest Health System
Members of the Board
Members of the Medical Staff

FROM: Michael Portacci
President – Division II Operations

DATE: March 18, 2010

SUBJECT: CEO Announcement
Doug Arnold, Chief Executive Officer, and Eddie Klein, Chief Financial Officer, have resigned their positions with Northwest Health System effective immediately.

Bill Heburn will lead the system as Interim Chief Executive Officer, providing operational oversight during the transition. Bill is a veteran hospital executive who has worked with CHS-affiliated hospitals, most recently as a chief executive of the 349-bed Trinity Medical Center in Birmingham, Alabama.

A national search for new officers has begun; board and medical staff leaders will be involved in identifying the best candidates to lead this system.

Through the strength of our medical staff and employees across the Northwest Health System, I am confident that your focus will remain on delivering quality patient care. Thank you for your commitment to being the healthcare resource in our communities.


“Community Health Systems” is a registered trade name of
Community Health Systems Professional Services Corporation

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