Friday, February 12, 2010

Management by Proxy....5/20

More commentary, seemed fairly poignant, so it gets its own post:
I'm not sure anyone reads this blog any more, but I'll give my last 2 cents worth of commentary.

Truism: A business exists to benefit the owner, not the employee. It is what it is. The sad fact is, it seems Essent only cares about corporate earnings statements and not the people who support the business; customers and employees.

That being said, what has happened to this community is a terrible thing. Many previous posters have talked about every issue possible, offered their solutions to many, many problems only for them to fall on deaf ears. Most didn't have Harvard MBA's but had experience a degree couldn't provide.

Although Essent is reading these comments, they are much like the current administration in Washington and that is; "Full speed ahead, damn the torpedos."

It's too bad that they didn't listen to the troops on the ground. After all, it wasn't their money and prestige they were squandering, it was other peoples.

I don't know of one single person, me included, that has left that place without bitterness in their heart. It used to be such a nice place to call home. And, it was home to thousands of people in Paris and surrounding areas. Not any more.

I believe the hospital will survive, but it will take many years to regain the trust of the people in Paris and NE Texas.



Anonymous said...

A good comment, but using the word "management" to describe the antics of the Duck and his brainwashed ducklings is a terrible misnomer.

I spent a sizable chunk of my professional career and my life in the Paris area working at one of the predecessor hospitals, and I felt very good about my work and what I did. I also felt that what I did made a difference toward the treatment of patients. Sorry to tell you egotistical docs this, but you have to have a strong supporting cast to trat your patiens. The docs who don't have the God complex (and that's most of you folks, thank goodness) understand that.

Sadly, the management at PRMC and Essent doesn't see it that way. Without ever getting their hands dirty in the trenches (and therefore never understanding the average employee), they operate in a fantasy land, passing down policies that Dlibert's pointy-headed boss would even say "Whoa".

Treating the employees like ignorant children and dismissing comments about your poor management style (I'm talking to you, Duckers) says little about the folks in charge- and certainly nothing good.

In response, one may bring up my job-changing pattern, but I would respond with the resule of one Chris Dux, who apparently never stayed anywhere more than a couple of years himself. I would also bring up the track record of such vaunted executives as W. Hudson Connery, a complete failure at one for-profit healthcare firm and a total washout in the present corporation. I don't feel like so much of a failure and job-hopper compared to these two distinguished gentlemen.

I am so darn happy to be out of that sorry circus now I can't explain it. I feel sorry for those folks I used to work with, as well as the rest of the cast.

I'm quite sure that my comments will be dismissed by Duckers as my previous ones were, but what his opinoin is of me means nothing.

Too bad the so-called civic leaders and hospital board didn't have their heads out of that dark & stinky place and do what was right for the community, and actually do their due diligence. Ask these fine folks sometime how they can sleep well, knowing they screwed their city over.

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Anonymous said...

IT is good not to work there anymore :)

Anonymous said...

got the ole letter from Dux stating that PRMC was 1.4 million in the hole in the new fiscal year. Admissions were down 250 from this time last year and surgeries were down 100 from this time last year. Also, PRMC has spent $600k and are over budgeted, so the end result is that PRMC is 2 million in the hole. No raieses for anybody per Dux. But lets keep up good employee morale. Talked to a very reliable resource and it seems that the PRMC North ER so this fiscal year has seen 40% pts compared to the other 60% that PRMC South is seeing. North is doing it with less rooms, 2 nurses and 1 ward clerk, and 1 doctor. While PRMC South has 2 doctors, er techs, and at least 4-5 nurses. Do the math and see who is performing, it ain't PRMC South. We need a real deal hospital here in Paris. I had a gentleman stop me the other day in the Texarkana area and asked "what in the world has happened to the hospital in Paris,Tx". He over heard I was from Paris. I just replied with "no comment".

Anonymous said...

Merrimack Valley Hospital is running an add "The waiting less room" We guarantee you'll be seen by a healthcare professional witin 30 minutes of arrival in the emergency room" That's an easy guarantee seeing that no one goes to the MVH Emergency Room. Even people that live by the hospital are taken 20 minutes away to another hospital. SO yes the 20 patients you see in a day can be seen within 30 minutes.

Anonymous said... the facility I work in (a for-profit one, to boot), we managed to at least break even and increase our admissions. Our ER is undergoing some changes to streamline the processes, shorten waiting times, and get those folkd who need admitted to the floors quicker. Oh yes, and we got across-the-board raises this year, too. AND, we are in the shadow of some 800-pound gorillas in a nearby metro area.

Not only that, but our big bosses have admitted mistakes were made in our takeover, and are working to change things. We are seeing more of our administrator types, and we're not being talked down to, but talked to like we're partners in this thing (which in fact we are).

It isn't all roses- we have some rough spots, but we're gonna work 'em out.

As you can tell, Hud Connery is not involved, and neither is the red-headed stepchild he created (and which later booted him).

I'm not bragging, I'm stating fact. There IS life after Essent, and I'm living it fat and sassy.

fac_p said...

MVH's ER has had it's round of problems (as to their boast of being seen by a health professional, is that a physician or a triage nurse?) over the years.

One thing I've noted with Essent management is their tendancy to manage from afar. Even down to the director level. It would seem that using puppet strings is a trait that is communicated from the top.

Anonymous said...

It is Diane Lovalo CNO that's pulling the puppets string. She luv to manage people the don't know their _ _ _ from their elbow.

Anonymous said...

I agree with the comment regarding Ms. Lovalo. The Director's that work for her do not no their _ _ _ from their elbow, but she think it makes her look smarter. Yank those "Puppets" string Diane