Sunday, June 28, 2009

Will There Be Cake?....9/2

It would appear that the candles for the second birthday of the lawsuit have come and gone.

So, it behooves me to refresh a few of the invited players list.

Hud Connery CEO, Performance Management Institute, and Stroudwater Associates, another consulting firm, but doesn't really appear on their web site anymore??? And the 'word' floating around is that he is gone. Four is a row is a real losing streak!

Andrew Knizley Still in that consulting firm. Still looks like a bad ad for Hair Club for Men.

David Kreye Back in Florida, CEO of Physicians Regional Healthcare System. (Taking it out in sunshine. How's the intangible tax treating you, Davy?)

Michael Davis Still Behavioral Centers of America CFO

Bill Heburn, Trinity Medical Center CEO (CHS). Bill was apparently dismissed from Essent when he gave an interview in which he admitted that Essent had lost money in all but one year at Crossroads. (updated)

Anna-Gene O'Neal Cogent Healthcare VP, Quality & Performance Improvement. She followed in the footsteps of another Hud protege, Hal Andrews. Small world.

C. Gregory Schonert is a Vice President at Health Care REIT --A real estate investment Dallas. But then, why have a VP of Development (Essent) when you aren't expanding?

Joe Pinion is a hospital CEO at Central Mississippi Medical Center in Jackson, MS.

Those who can, do. Those who can't, consult.

Those who can't do or consult, manage....


Anonymous said...

And THIS rogue's gallery, ladies and gentlemen, is/was YOUR Essent "leadership". Job-hoppers all, and in the case of the late, not-at-all-lamented Hud, a loser par excellence. Too bad he took five different hospitals down with him.

Wonder when the Duck will fly south? Or has he yet to adhere to the Peter Principle and reach his own level of incompetence?

Anonymous said...

No movelent on the lawsuit, no comment from the judge, who must wish he could close his eyes and make it go away.......the only movement seen was all of the players at Essent who are no longer there. What does that say about this company, other than it was founded by and run by a bunch of ccorporate loser who couldn't lead their kids to the bathroom?

I'm not that impressed with their replacements, either.

Anonymous said...

And we are left with the wreckage.
Oh! I forgot about the "CARDIAC CENTER OF EXCELLENCE",not!

Anonymous said...

I think you may be behind on the movement of Heburn. Check out this link.

Anonymous said...

In the local newspaper:

"Gloria Swanbon and Kathy DiPietro of the Lunch Bunch Munchers team run for the finish in the three-legged competition"

Gloria Swanbon is part of the senior leadership team and kathy Dipietro is the Director of Health Information" They called themselves "Lunch Bunch Munchers" They sit everyday in the cafeteria and speak negative about the hospital and they also talk about everyone!!!!!! They should of called themselves "Lunch Gossip Queens".

Anonymous said...

I guess when you do not have patients what else could you do!!!!
But have bed pan races
A Precision Operation: Hospital employees compete for trophy, bragging rights
Hospital employees compete for trophy, bragging rights
Each team took their turn battling it out in a bed pan race, three-legged race, bed-making competition, cake decorating and games of "Operation" and "Hospital Jeopardy."

Anonymous said...

Joe Pinion is now CEO of Physicians Regional Healthcare System. Wow, little Davey didn't stay too long, did he? But then again, Joe didn't exactly get too settled in at his job, either.

Now, what does that say of the caliber of people brought in to run Essent?