Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Peds on Hold....6/13

Maybe, just maybe, someone is getting through to administration. Peds moving to South and sharing nurses with other patients? You're kidding, I hope.

Cross-contamination is the biggest issue, with patients on both sides of the mix becoming losers. Look how everything else travels on a floor and you begin to realize that no matter how much handwashing you do, your clothes retain some contamination. Brushing against a bed, touching a sleeve to a patient.... Why do you think a lot of healthcare workers take a shower when they get off work?

Just watch how one room posted as isolation on a floor, grows to two, three...sometimes a whole hallway.

Different age-groups have different resistances. What may affect one group minimally might be devastating to another. And realizing that pedi patients can turn on a dime can be a hard-learned lesson.

The last aspect is dealing with the patients. Not everyone can work peds by temperment. A good pedi nurse is gold.

While the hospital juggles their facilities, spending money only to rip the changes out a year later, you understand why shortfalls occur. And why planning seems to be in short supply.


Anonymous said...

Not just planning-good common sense is lacking in the front office.

Apparently Duckers is happy to ignore the 6-P rule:

Anonymous said...

"The last aspect is dealing with the patients. Not everyone can work peds by temperment. A good pedi nurse is gold."

And they lost two.

Anonymous said...

Soooo sad. What could have caused these fools to stir up such a mess? They cant seem to keep their hands off what is working at PRMC.The nursing administration and Duck have too much time on their hands and just roam around (never leaving their offices)thinking up" what might work".The sad part is ;that when someone who knows what will and will not work gives them feedback they see that as obstructionism and ignore advice.Then ,when they loose 2 good nurses they shrug and say they were only "exploring possibilities". Meanwhile ; the idiocracy presses on with the bad idea trying to see if it would work to combine pedi with post partum or possibly with rehab.The word is that , if they do that even more nurses will leave. What about just leaving things alone and keeping the nursing staff? I maintain it will be far cheaper in the long run than replacing 4 to 6 nurses with new grads who barely know a pediatric patient from a geriatric patient!

Anonymous said...

It's kind of sad when you have bean counters juggling 'possibilities' that drive off even more staff.

Anonymous said...

A meeting with Pedi's and Obgyns Friday ended with no resolution. word is that despite strenuous objections by each and every physician in OB and Pedi that Duck et al plan to proceed with the move to post partum.Feed back from the public in the form of letters to the editor and to the board members of PMRC would be very helpfull. I ; for one , would rather see this kind of protest instead of what has been going on for two years now:( i.e.) voting with your feet and going to Tyler or Plano.Get involved and demand quality care from this bunch. Simply boycotting the hospital will cause the eventual demise of the hospital. It would be better for the patients to add their voices to those of the Medical staff and nursing staff. Better for PMRC and better for Paris!

Giles Corey said...

What a brillant plan! Move Pediatrics to Post Partum! Let's see: we have new mothers who may have had c-sections and therefore have fresh surgical incisions, and newborns with little immunity on the same floor as children with all kinds of infectious diseases! Great move, Ducky!