Monday, March 09, 2009

In The Black....3/13

Interesting that for the year that they make $3.8M plus, they pull the matching 'discretionary' funds.

PRMC*****************255beds $3,824,649
SWMC******************73beds -$464,815

SWMC is the only other hospital that's been updated, so far, but it's had some significant improvement.

So, it might take some wind out of my sails, but my questions are these:

  • What were the results on MVH and NVMC?

  • While a profit is important (keeping the doors open is very important), was the pain that the community--patients as well as staff--worth it?

  • We noted that several functions were not moving. Are they now? Psych, Wound Care?

  • Are the cuts in matching funds now going to be made up?

  • Are there going to be more staff cuts when the move happens?

  • Are the other upgrades in equipment needed at the North Campus going to be made on a timely basis?
Or is the negotiation for Nachez Community and Natchez Regional going to slow things a bit. Only time will tell.

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Anonymous said...

Why would they pull the matching funds just before a good review???? How bad are the other hospitals? 6/08 is the date on the new data.