Friday, March 27, 2009

Federal Inroads....3/28

The new announcement of the additional powers for the treasury are interesting in the extreme. Being able to determine that a business is under-capitalized---and dissolve them if it would be in the public interest. Kind of an eminent domain for business.

Now we've seen over the years how eminent domain has been abused. What makes us feel safe in our own little communities when a large developer wants our land? Never the concept of fairness.

But, let's put another spin on this ball. The Feds want inroads into healthcare. What healthcare organizations are truly financially sound? Could the Feds walk into Columbia and say, "You're insolvent, you belong to US...."? What about Essent?

Those hospitals that Essent owns impact their communities drastically if something occurs...and three hospitals are marginal. This could be a back way into healthcare.


Anonymous said...

Off topic, has anyone heard of Texas SB 1000. Its called The Hospital Patient Protection Act of 2009. Deals with RN/ patient staffing ratios. Backed by the SEIU
Sounds very interesting.

Anonymous said...

So, the government gets a two-fer: Federal control of a large segment of healthcare through a condemnation by treasury. Did they say what size companies would be included?