Friday, December 07, 2007

Who's Resumes are in Play?....12/9

You have to wonder...since Essent was Hud's baby, how many executives with the company had personal commitments from Hud, promises if you will, that were keeping them in place? Is Essent due for an outflow of 'talent'?

While Essent is shopping for a new CEO, they might peruse the other aisles as well.

Buying companies is like buying stocks: Some people buy on momentum, some buy when they figure a stock is at its lowest point. There was consideration a while back--when Essent was in its game. Now, however: How low can you go???


Anonymous said...

If I were an Essent exec, my prime rule for survival would be "watch my back". These clowns are now living with the same amount of fear and paranoia the folks in the trenches are. Only the hard-core Essent apologists would still believe they're safe.

I'd like to think that extends down to the HR directors at each facility as well

Saw It Coming said...

Heard a rumor that PRMC is encouraging employees to check their PRMC email from home....hoping to get some IP Addresses perhaps?

Anonymous said...

If they are, it's to compare against searches done on the Essent/PRMC websites. Especially those that are obviously targeting information for the blog.

Anonymous said...

Browder is indicating that things at Essent are chaotic. All projects are on hold at this point.

So, the North Campus renovation is on hold. Wonder why, with just one person in the corporate structure leaving, would all projects cease? Is Essent's structure that fragile?

Anonymous said...

Remember, Essent is Hud's baby. Whatever he was doing, legitimate or otherwise, is being gone over by the board. And to do so, everything but the day-to-day stuff would have to be put on hold until the board sees what they have to work with- if anything.

I'm not a fan of Essent, but were I on a board of a corporation that just tossed out the CEO, this would seem to me the logical choice. And God only knows what Hud has done (or didn't do).

Will the north campus renovation resume? I wouldn't believe it until you see hammers swinging. ANd don't bet on that happening too soon.

Anonymous said...

I am not sure if you know that the head of HR at MVH is leaving. The reason: "To pursue other career opportunities".

I didn't, and thanks for the update. Realize that I'm in Paris, not NE Mass....frank