Saturday, December 08, 2007

Ever Wonder??....12/13

Do we wonder about the Essent Board of Directors? Who they are, what other companies they're involved with? It does become interesting. I was perusing the Business Week description of the Essent corporate structure (which is way out of date) and found the board members.

David Mayer -Jazz Pharmaceuticals
Ron Wolford -ForHealth Technologies
James Elrod Jr. -Vestar Capital
Bryan Cressey -Thoma Cressey
Steven Silver -GoldToeMoretz
Jeff Goldsmith -Cerner
Bryan Marsal -GoldToeMoretz

One tidbit noticed about Cerner--The CEO and the Board vice-Chairman have sold a net of 55,000 shares within the last three months. How much confidence do they have?

As for Essent--Connery has decided not to pursue the lawsuit against Essent for an early release of the money for his shares.

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Anonymous said...

Interesting.....since Hud isn't going to sue to get his money, wonder what he'll do in the interim? Any ideas?