Tuesday, September 25, 2007

What Essent Wants To Do....9/30

A real timely question:

I guess we're all wondering if we're going to be sued too. Seems like you can't voice an opinion without having to defend it in court, especially with the ones you're dealing with.
I think that's the problem here. Are our isp identifications up for grabs, too?
Probably they would if they could. They listed John Does 1-10 to have an opening, but unless Blogger maintains logs, there is no way of telling who left comments. Blogger is owned by Google, so good luck, Wes.... Hotmail is what, Microsoft? I delete emails, so discovery is moot. And, those with a touch of time on their hands, here is how to go through the Tor network and be 'truely' anonymous.

Suddenlink is not offering any resistance to the discovery, merely responding to the order. Almost feels like they helped phrase the judge's original order so as to avoid culpability. I've heard comments about them 'fighting' the order. Unless they actually submit objections to the court in this, they are just being passive, or even cooperative. The only thing I've seen is the posting of their lawyer's vacation schedule.

The only reason my IP address was targeted was obvious, once I actually thought about it: THEY track the visitors to THEIR sites. So, everytime you search out something on Essent, the search parameters are displayed, as well as where you came from. So, if I had thought about it, I would have blocked cookies and possibly gone to the trouble of using a separate workstation/browser for searching. Then it would have been only a guess, with the search parameters used, and what was published.


Anonymous said...



One who is habitually cruel to smaller or weaker people: browbeater, bulldozer, hector, intimidator.

To domineer or drive into compliance by the use of as threats or force, for example: bludgeon, browbeat, bulldoze, bullyrag, cow, hector, intimidate, menace, threaten. Informal strong-arm.

yep. sounds like that's what they're doing.

Annonyomus said...

I certainly hope this not a case of our Paris, Tx. Judge and 0ur Lawyer, being intimidated, by the BIG CITY representation. There is no room for that in this case. Our side needs to push back! Can Suddenlink be held responsible for breaching comfidenuality, If they release any names to the court? I would think they had rules similar to HIPPA, that would cover such a situation. If not something needs to be done to correct this situation NOW! If these names are released in court, is there a chance they will be made public? This would be a gross injustice all around. Guilty or not a LABEL will be attached, that will never be removed, and some careers will be ruined for life, all because of Essent's Guilty concience. Slander and liable go both ways in this situation. It just comes down to who has the most money and toughest Lawyers behind them. Give it your all James.

Anonymous said...

Amen, preach on, brother!

Anonymous said...

Well they've issued a new policy (dear dear Cheryl Perry) on "Forced Staff Reductions" that seem to be looming in PRMC's future. I hear there have already been several firings too. That's one way to cover those bonus checks!

Anonymous said...

Hmm.......staff reductions to cut costs.......old tactic, and one that will jump up & bite them in the butt. Makes me glad I niether live or work in Paris, and the nearest hospital to me is very close nearby. Also makes me feel bad for the folks in the area who have no other choice........

Here's a radical idea you might try, Hud- TREAT THE EMPLOYEES LIKE HUMAN BEINGS. Empower them to do their best, give them the tools to do the job, do away with the Stalinesque atmosphere, clean the place up once in a while, and gee, the census might go up, and (here's the really cool part) so could the income. This would boost the bottom line, and make you look like a genius instead of an idiot.

But hey, your company......have fun being the foul-up fairy. The investors will love you for it.

Anonymous said...

I think that's exactly what happened. The judge caved to the big city folk. The lawyer has not. He's still going and I'm hoping that he'll prevail in the appeals. No order has been signed yet for suddenlink to release the name.
I know I for one will be dogging suddenlink about my own privacy rights. We all deserve to be protected whether it's hippa, cable, phone service or whatever. Privacy is PRIVACY!!!

Anonymous said...

Speaking of treating the employees like people...PRMC units were asked if they would prefer a gift or a party for Christmas.

The overwhelming responses requested gift cards instead.

"Peril" Perry replied that if PRMC gave out gift cards, it would be considered income and TAXED accordingly!!

Why don't they give out gift certificates for hams or turkeys, something that would be of real benefit to employees and their families?

Just got to wonder what those gifts might be...a PRMC keychain?

Anonymous said...

Cheryl Perry. Why is this woman still on staff?

The gift....ahhh that would be ball and chains inscribed with the PRMC logo...

Speaking of which, I see the final rape of McCuiston has happened. The bronze dedication plaque in the entryway has been removed and replaced with a nice plastic PRMC logo plaque. Isn't that special!