Friday, September 14, 2007

But there is no joy in Mudville....9/20

So far, no news news..... The good judge is enjoying his weekend off, and both sides of the lawsuit are waiting...for Monday.

I almost think that should I lose, I'll take the keys out and throw them to the next in line...passwords and monitoring accounts, and let them carry on. There are a few that have made the offer, both here and in the other Essent locations. Everyone is least in Essent's eyes. That way I wouldn't have to worry about new articles during the appeal process, and it could be a set of outside eyes watching the proceedings.... Heck, they might be even more of a burr than I was! Some said I was far too restrained...and I have some advice for avoiding being tracked, now....

So, for those interested, get your best piece together for submission over the weekend, and you too could be the guy or gal that Essent just loves to hate!

If you submit articles under the comments, you can call yourself by what you want your password to be! That way there is no track-back to or for me. It would be like trying a key in a lock at the Toyota-thon.

This could be rather fun!...frank


Annonyomus said...

If you loose I will know for sure that the Texas Judicial System is truly blind, deaf and stupid. This started out as a place to vent injustices done to all by the Essent Co. Is it now against the law to have an opinion? Soon it will be against the law to have the part of the anatomy that opinions refer to quite often. If you believe in prayer, get in gear all, for Frank. He needs us now, and we need him. There are not enough people who will stand together in times of crisis, and he has backed us all the way. Not just for the hospital, but for the whole community.

Anonymous said...

But you never know what will happen. Scotty McDowell (yes, I remember little Scotty long before he was a judge) isn't the brightest in the bunch- or he wouldn't have allowed this bullcrap to have lasted this long.

I think it is ESSENTially over for Hud and his Bud, if the justice system prevails.

There is no legal precedence, and I think Wes Tidwell (basically a "Doogie Howser" attorney) knows that.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

What did the judge rule? (That you've asked for our vote on)

Anonymous said...

So what happened? Did the judge wake up, smell the coffee, and rule the right way? Or did Essent's hired stooge/lawyer convince him otherwise?

Enquiring minds want to know.......

Anonymous said...

Gosh, Frank, reading the posts on this site I guess you must rank right up there with the likes of Nathan Hale, Thomas Paine, Martin Luther,Martin Luther King (oops, the posters are much too racist to see him as a hero!), Paul Revere, the guy at Tienamen(Tiananmen) Square (too tired to get the correct spelling) in front of the tank and all the other heroes. Or, given the last post request for prayers for you, maybe you are there (their) incarnation of Jim Jones and your little dispossessed follower's have drunk some really bad Kool Ade (Kool-Aid). I feel safer every night when I go to bed knowing there are little yae-hoos like you making the world safe for democracy.

Thought I would correct your spelling errors. Additionally, you put in comments, not a 'post'.

I am not defending their liberty, I am enjoying the fruits from the efforts of those aforementioned individuals who defended mine. I only provide a forum for the good and bad. ...and I put in a post on Martin Luther King Day, you might read it.

Attention to detail....frank

Anonymous said...

So sorry this has happened to you, Frank. I find it hard to believe that they got this ruling. I guess that means all of us that's made comments are now up for lawsuits, too. Anyway, you did nothing wrong, but I don't have to tell you that. Hang in there.

San Antonio Lightning said...

My name is RG Griffing.

I am editor at SanAntonioLightning.Com

This is an interesting case and raises issues that have never been completely addressed on the subject of "the web and free speech."

The plaintiffs make much of the "unidentified patients," whom they claim were stripped of privacy.

But how can they prove that
without themselves identifying the patients?

It seems to me that THEY may have inadvertently identified the patients by claiming them to be "local citizens" who had "known medical procedures," and that in a small town, even without a name, they could be identified." - Quotes from PR spokesperson Kim Fox, ESSENT headquarters in Nashville.

It seems to me that the "ESSENT CO" has some heavy decisions to make and allegations to prove.

Free speech is essential.

The absolute defense to defamation is truth.

If any should care to call or email, my number is:
mail is:
PS Anonymity is guaranted!

RG Griffing, Editor Publisher San Antonio Lightning Newspaper