Monday, December 11, 2006

Okies from Muskogee....12/12

I'm sorry, I ran out on an ongoing story. MRMC did make a decision, and that was almost a month ago. They selected Capella, and follow the link to see what was agreed to. I really wish they had been the ones bargaining with Essent...for us.

The employees were taken care of:

"• Existing commitments to all employees won’t change."
And standard of care issues as well.

Well done, Muskogee! You get a gold star!


Anonymous said...

hmmm, you mean they kept retirement, PTO, sick leave policy, and the like?

Sounds like the hospital will keep the staff that have other alternatives, rather than paying out the butt for agency fill-ins.

Anonymous said...

Amazing what a well informed, concerned individuals can do with regards to their community healthcare. Unfortunately, we here in Paris did not have a blogsite to refer to, nor did we have an exiting corporation that gave a damn, other than fleeing this part of the countryside due to failing management and plummeting revenues. We have served as an example for other communities as to WHAT should NOT happen, and that gives some of us some degree of ease, not much, but some. But we are still beleagured by Essent, and no one knows how it will end. For Paris, probably not good. The Docs have yet to band together, self-interest stills abounds to a large degree here (greed is still such a nasty mistress) apathy abounds, and census figures, well they're in the toilet. Meanwhile, more pressure is being applied by Admin to get that last drop of blood, be it from the employee, or the unfortunates that HAVE to use this hospital. When the turnip doesn't produce, wonder what Essent's next refined, well thought out strategy will be. Feed 'em cake? God how I wish guillotines were still in vogue.