Friday, December 08, 2006

Just one more...well maybe...12/22

Hud Connery, President and CEO of Essent Healthcare commented, "Doctors Hospital is a perfect fit with the Essent model. Doctors Hospital is an essential hospital in the middle of a rapidly growing community. The hospital provides a fundamentally important service, there is a great team of physicians and nurses, and we hope to make the purchase of this hospital part of a grander scheme. It's just the kind of opportunity we were looking for."

For those who haven't followed the blog, Doctor's Hospital was renamed Crossroads--and is now part of SMS, not Essent, after Hud finally gave up. Cat-herding is rough business.

Okay, so just one more:
Quoted from the Paris Snooze, 7/25/04, "Knizley (PRMC CEO) said the best way to achieve such a prestigious rating (one of the top 100 hospitals) is by finding problems the best way he knows how -- by listening to employees."
We just never expected it to be through tapping phones, and bugging the smoke alarms....


Anonymous said...

Well guys is did split from PRMC and I can tell u there is life after PRMC. I left after 13 years and being a VERY skilled practitioner and I can tell u, they are f(*$&ed up. The peeps of Paris need to wake up and take a stand. Believe me if u don't manage ur health care they will drive it in to the ground. I wish I could make a difference here, but they make it impossible!!!!

Anonymous said...

Frank, try this one: So sayeth Hud, "Essent will make acquisitions only when the strongest opportunities present themselves; and Vestar agrees that the quality of hospitals in the company's portfolio will be the measure of our success."

The only thing that can measure this is a dipstick, and Hud certainly qualifies as that!

fac_p said...

By the way, you can try a 'reflection' site (I won't call it a mirror, simply because it is lagging behind on posts and newer comments from here aren't transferred....) It does come through a number of corporate firewalls. You do have to go straight to the site,, if you are blocked from most blogs....frank

Anonymous said...

Knizley voiced support for the city manager, the council and municipal employees.

“We are not here to pick sides but to lend our support to continue the forward progress of Paris, Texas,” he said.

Knizley said the group agrees with council’s evaluations of the city manager.

“We agree with the great ratings, and we fully understand and appreciate the negative ratings,” Knizley said. “We ask this council and manager to realize the success of our community is dependent on cooperative working relationships and mutual respect for each other.”

Success, cooperative, respect and most importantly of all........................ the forward progress of Paris.

These words issuing from Andy's mouth are so very believable, especially for me, an EX (thank God) employee of Essent/PRMC. Out of context? Perhaps. Just have a little difficulty when it comes to the "belief" portion and especially with Knizley!

Got to agree, the comment was a non-comment...Knizley managed to spread an equal amount of manure on both sides. But, what do you expect from someone who bugs his own employees. Heck, he probably would have done it to the smoke shack if a smoke detector wouldn't have looked ridiculous out there. But, notice that there are other items in the link that would work....frank

Anonymous said...

Is Andy Knizley running for political office? Judging from the crap comment he made to the local fishwrap, he must be. Who else but corporate stooges or politicians can talk out of both sides of their mouths so well?

Anonymous said...

It's been almost a year since I've been in Paris, so I'm curious. Is Knizley still driving the duelly pick-up truck that was his effort to blend in with the Texas culture? Does he still park it right outside of the side door out of administration, so he can make a quick getaway if necessary? Does he still take naps in his office in the afternoon?

With the departure of guys like Pinion and Heburn, it appears that Hud doesn't have the love for HMA alumni like he once did. Knizley, who was Heburn's golden child at HMA, might want to be polishing his resume. It doesn't look like those E$$ent stock options are going to be worth anything any time soon.