Friday, November 03, 2006

Say AAAHHH....11/15

We're all healthcare professionals, aren't we? Okay, except for the beancounters, I mean. Which means we come to work, sick or not.

Personally, I hated going back to designated sick days--PTO was the best incentive to make it in no matter what...that way I could tack on a few extra days to a vacation that otherwise wouldn't be there. For Christus it was a good deal, they had less unplanned absences, which meant better staffing effiency.

Retrogressing to sick days opened the gates to people taking un-planned-for absences, rather than scheduling time off. Essent's new policy is slap in the face to anyone with children, an ill spouse, or chronic conditions which keep them from building up a surplus of sick days.

The policy (amended this month) is that in order to be paid for a sick day you have to have forty hours of sick time accrued at the time of the call in. To be paid on the second day if you are sick you have to have twenty hours accrued. So, if you have an extended period of illness, come back to work, and have a relapse--you won't get paid for the first day if you don't have a week's sick time banked! If you didn't have at least half a week, you wouldn't get paid for two.

I have plenty, but I know several people that this would knock to their knees. I would venture to say that the northeast doesn't have to put up with arbitrary B.S. like this--because of the union contract. I can feel myself drawn to the dark side....


Anonymous said...

As always, beancounter job justification. They have to justify their large salaries, usually at the expense of working staff. And as usual, employee retention at Essent is not at a high priority. Nothing new. All of us that are licensed in the medical field know that our first priority is the patient.......period. We have licenses to maintain, laws to abide by, CE's to maintain those same licensures, and the mere thought of some corporate trained monkey jacking with PTO, benefits or anything else, will definitely make us seek better career opportunities. Whether we love the town we live in or not. Unfortunately, THAT is what we have in Paris. And many of us have made the move away Paris and found, that yes, there are companies that will treat us fairly, and do their best to retain us as a VALUED EMPLOYEE. THIS concept will never be understood or practiced by organizations like Essent.

The phrase is "a for profit organization". Translation - everyone is screwed!

Anonymous said...

Has anyone ever done any detective work on Hud Connery's history in the healthcare industry? Something tells me it would be an eye-opener.

I'd also be curious to know why Arcon (his first company) tanked.

Anonymous said...

There was a commment on the Arcon case that the corporate HQ was living pretty high for what they were producing!

Anonymous said...

Com'on Frank, the Rolling Stones????!

Anonymous said...

Careful with the beancounter jabs. Someone has to keep up with the money and bill and collect so that you can get a check every two weeks. And someone needs to make sure that the hospital is financially viable and will be around for future patients.

While I don't take care of patients, I really enjoy working in healthcare. I am thankful I no longer work for Essent and I don't plan to work in the for profit world again.

I agree, and there has been nothing in this blog indicating that I wanted to give away the store. That being said, there is a difference between the likes of, oh let's say Sam Wall, who did take care of his employees--and shareholders, and Hud, who seems to regard his employees as a necessary evil--with emphasis on evil....

No matter if the hospital is a for-profit, or a not-for-profit, you have to earn money. Where the money goes is the difference.

CFO of any organization has its challenges, mainly from the level of trust you have to place in the validity of the information you receive. Even then, you may be placed in an untenable situation, with needs vs corporate marching orders: no matter how good a job you do, you lose....frank

Anonymous said...

I...was soooo glad to see that our benefits deductions increased about the same we should receive in a raise, if we receive a raise.

I also wasn't surprised to see education tests added after the date they were due. How many employees check their education tests on a daily bases? Most do it once a year when they are about due and someone reminds them. It was so nice to see a bunch of employees have more added after they had them all finished and then to see that they were late because the due date was a date before they were published.

So, a word from the wise: Check your education status page. You might find a retroactive requirement that you weren't aware of, and with a due date that was before it was added as a requirement!!!

C'mon guys, play fair....frank