Friday, October 20, 2006

Free Speech...or is it?...10/31

Apparently, according to sources, Essent has filed a complaint with the Texas Attorney General's office against the blog. The Attorney General is progressing with an investigation as to validity of charges.

While not a public company, Essent certainly has a public presence. Everything published in the blog is available on the net for the price of a connection. Generally, links are included. Any comments from individuals, with the exception of spelling/grammer, are published verbatim.

But, who knows, they actually might be able to shut it down. Hopefully not. Based on the popularity and contributions from readers, it seems needed.

If it is taken out of play, it would seem that freedom of speech is becoming very limited in the state of Texas!


Anonymous said...

Hopefully when the AG begins to research the first amendment, they will have an investigator who digs a bit here and there and strikes pay dirt.
"Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press, or the right of the people peacefully to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances."

For the AG investigator who is reading this blog and the comments posted, I ask only one thing; don't stop with the free speech issue, look deeper and read the earnest postings by current and former employee's of this scum bag organization. Open your mind and your eyes to what the people are saying about healthcare in general and patient care in particular in Paris, Texas.


Anonymous said...

Well we all know that Essent doesn't believe in Free Speech. Employees have been fired for speaking honestly. Employees have been threatened with termination for speaking about non-priviledged items outside the hospital. There is a post elsewhere on this very blog where the poster was not about to compliment her nurses because she was afraid it would get them into trouble!!!
No, Essent doesn't believe in Free Speech.

Anonymous said...

If Dud and his buds are looking for damages, they need to look no further than their own organization and business practices. people in a community vote with their feet, and they have the rignt to choose where to recieve healthcare. If they don't feel good about the local hospital thru personal experiences or what their neighbors have told them, they'll go elsewhere.

Toss in the first part of the Bill of Rights (ya know, that annoying little article called the First Amendment, which applies to all Americans, including those in Texas and Tennessee), and Dud hadn't a legal leg to stand on.

The blog reports on what is going on- the local fishwrap sure isn't.

The overall practices of Essent Healthcare, as well as the actions of its CEO, one Hudson Connery Jr., speak volumes. His attempt to silence this blog also says a lot about his practices as well.

Whether he likes or not, the truth hurts Dud, and it will come to light in a court of law. If he somehow has this blogsite silenced, others will pop up. There will still be employees who will speak out against the policies and practices (they may have to do so anonymopusly, but don't hold that against them- they have familes to feed too). ANd most importantly, the people of PAris will still vote with their feet and wallets, seeking out the best possible care they can find.

Sadly, that isn't at PRMC anymore. Essent has hogtied a good bunch of people, browbeating them down and indiscrimantly firing and running off good folks.

Fight the good fight, Frank!

Anonymous said...

Is slander protected by the First Amendment?

No, and neither is libel (written), however neither really apply.

If you notice, this is a forum for opinion, and I do sometimes provide one, however, for the most part, the quotes and opinions that are utilized are posted anonymously.

Libel is attached with falsehood, and to allow my defense under said charges, Essent would have to open its books, personnel records, and patient records to discovery. Any painting with a broad brush would cover them as well. I can just see the market for shredders growing in Paris.

I don't know if they would like the medical staff deposed, nor the commentary that would evolve.

I'm not positive, but this seems like an ACLU, SEIU, and half-a-dozen healthcare oversite advocates wet dream. Heck, gay rights advocates might jump in just for the chance at the records for their case against Essent!

Remember the group that Hedley in "Blazing Saddles" put together? This has some of the earmarks of such a one.

Badges??? We don't need no stinking badges!!!....frank

Anonymous said...

Slander and Libel imply telling lies about someone or something....I only see the truth told here!

Anonymous said...

Emails that are circulating seem to indicate that the AG isn't terribly interested, but Essent is collecting excerpts for a possible civil case.

Hang in there Frank!

We do what we can....frank

Anonymous said...

Ya know, suits equal counter suits. Harassment was one I had thought of when I left the hospital. I didn't do it, because I was simply tired of the whole thing, and ready to move on.

Anonymous said...

Slander, false pretense,written promises broken,failure to pay earned holidays, stealing 501 money,
just to name a few.


Anonymous said...

In re: the 12:48 AM posting......

I didn't know Mr. Knizley posted on this blog...........

Anonymous said...

Talk about the guilty dog barking the loudest!!!

Anonymous said...

Hmmm, truly, guilty dogs do bark the loudest!

And I think Essent's chain has been tugged. Too bad! The truth will always be let out, no matter what. Kind of "thang" that Americans have, ya know, called freedom of speech. Haven't heard anything on the hill that's changed that to any degree.

But this really does crack me up.............Hud/Essent acting so overwrought over a big, mean blogsite, that they are asking the AG to come to Paris and protect them. Something that they themselves could have avoided in the first place by being a truthful, concerned and fair employer. PUL......LEASE!

Anonymous said...

So far, Essent hasn't been terribly forthcoming about their troubles--staffing, management, wages, and quality of care--with the public or their possible conquests. If Hud is blaming Frank for his troubles, maybe he'd better check his hallway mirror, and check his ego at the door.

One comment about Arcon Healthcare's demise was that HQ seemed to suck the life out of the organization. Far too much top for the size of the company. Is history repeating itself?...frank

Anonymous said...

FYI, the AG's office has NO jurisdiction. They can only proceed on a case of a criminal nature, at the request of the DISTRICT ATTORNEY's office.

The Investigators with the AG's office are primarily cyber-crime (pedophile police), and child support enforcement. That is IT.

-Signed Ex-Cop & Ex-St Jo (and Christus St. Jo) employee- but sure as HELL not a former Essent Employee

Anonymous said...

For the sake of the current employees, I hope not. They have done nothing to deserve any possible bankruptcy (and no, I'm not saying E$$ent is going broke, I'm commenting on the "is history repeating itself" comment in re the Arcon failure.)

Anonymous said...

RE: 11:04 POST

That unfortunately is the kick, Essent doesn't care about the impact of foreclosure on a community or it's employees, as evidenced by their past actions. Paris has become very outspoken about Essent. Quietly so, and due largely to this blogsite. We've not been given any other chance to do so. So, to a point Essent has a catch-22, keep it going as it is, or if too great a liabilty to our plans (e.g.-Muskogee) close, sell, whatever to eliminate the problem.

Anonymous said...

It isn't just you, think about all the other contributions from other hospitals in the group. I've never heard of this happening before to another healthcare organization.

But, hits are what drive a blog, determine the popularity, prioritize the search engine line-up.

90 thound hits drive it in this direction. You wouldn't believe the places I've been asked about this facility, and them quoting the blog.

I was at a seminar in Canton last month and besides CEs, picked up a lot of comments on the lawsuit from the gay couple. Actually, that's where I heard about the blog-from a RN from Lowell.

I've sent it to a lot of my friends, but most don't work here (email is the gift that keeps on giving.)