Wednesday, October 18, 2006

For the Best...10/19

I guess it is for the best: an interventional program that was top-notch, reduced to "we do most." If you saw the original write-up for the interventional suite, it seems a shame to have all that potential going to waste. But, the alternative is to have radiologists working in unfamiliar settings, with unfamiliar staff and equipment, doing procedures that they haven't practiced in possibly years. Not what I would call a best case scenario....

But, here is what others are saying:

Check it out! Essent updated the website. They removed all of the procedures that they no longer perform in the radiology department. So the listing on this site now is the only record of what used to be available. Still the site says, "All radiologists affiliated with the program are board-certified." Technically, this is true since there are currently NO radiologists affiliated with the program. It would also be correct to say that "All radiologists affiliated with the program shoot themselves in the head each night before going to bed." This would be equally true because once again, there are NO radiologists affiliated with the program.

Regarding all of those wonderful nuclear medicine scans that the new website mentions...funny that it doesn't mention that none of them can be read after hours on call. So if the ER doc needs a V/Q scan...better wait until tomorrow if you want to get it read. As to the after hours sonography...better hope that the sono tech knows what he/she is doing. There will be NO radiologist to consult until sometime tomorrow, and that radiologist may be in another state!
And, I've heard that Paris Imaging is jumping in the Nuclear Medicine market with their own camera. Sounds like the hospital is going to get a run for their money. So all the outpatient studies will be available in a new facility, and generally cheaper. Too bad our insurance (the hospital's) won't cover the entire cost, but you know, I figure it would be worth the additional expense....frank


Anonymous said...

Well at least these clowns (Essent) are predictable. OMG! management at its best. And regarding the problems in the Radiology surprises here with Essent at the helm. Any corporate or business management team that butchers a money cow like Radiology, especially in a hospital setting, is insane!
More Essent idiocies added to a continually growing list.

Anonymous said...

Personally, if I'm going to have a guide wire run into my vascular system, I want the doc behind it to be more than a weekend driver!

Sorry, but I really think that the hospital was gunning for RR, and RR was the fastest draw. From the gitgo, Essent promised to drop about $6M in updates/upgrades. So much for that!

Then came the rumors and the badmouthing. The lawsuit was the final straw, but it bit Essent badly--who now has the most up-to-date facility? Red River. The greatest share of outpatient traffic? Red River. Digital mamography? Red River. The Loop location? Red River....and soon to be the newest gamma camera in town????

Yep, don't throw me in the briar patch....

Anonymous said...

Could you add a link to this blogg to your site?

fac_p said...

You get some comments and hits, then make it relevent....then we'll see.