Sunday, June 11, 2006

More from Greene.......7/23

More from Greene County Memorial Hospital (If we still call ours St Joe and Big Mac, I guess the same goes there....)

"I am a former employee of GCMH. There is no doubting the way I feel about Essent. I have never tried to hide it. I want to be very clear that I left the hospital, and was not asked to leave. All of this took place of a course of two months. Why? Well it goes like this.

Upon Essent's take over one of the very first things that was done was that every employee's records were gone through to see who was going to be weeded out. At that time decisions were made without any consultation of the Department Heads on who was going to be let go. I lost three very good employees and had no say in it. I was left with twelve employees--only three that actually had a clue about giving care in a rural community....

...As much as I hated to, I decided then and there that I would not stand back and watch what I spent 5 years of my life building go down the drain. And that is exactly what is going on. Our clinic, when I left in December of '05, had already lost 50% of its patients because of lack of care. E$$ent has not figured out that the reason people were being paid what they were being paid is because we have already proven that we are a valuable asset to our employers and the community.

...A lot of good people no longer work for that hospital. And I bet that will lead to its demise."

Weatherford should be dancing in the streets---if these new folks (CHS) haven't followed the same playbook. Only time will tell.

But this also shows that we were not the unusual case! I thought that Christus had been the spoiler, with the purchase of the North Campus, they effectively destroyed the chances of an easy transition, and made it into something out of the Inquisition.

Apparently ours hasn't been the only one, and looking back at the difficulties Essent had with the union in Mass, I would imagine one here would not be their favorite Christmas wish, but it hasn't been roses for the union folks out there, either. Maybe it was the same in all the E$$ent hospitals, and it's just that New Englanders are just quieter about things...somehow I don't think they're all that quiet--they were fairly loud when they invited the King of England to a tea party--in Boston Harbor! But that was a long time ago, and possibly that spirit of independence has been bred out of them.

Wonder what's up with the La Quinta? Heard that they had some issues with the permits?


Anonymous said...

Don't know what's in the works, but NEA and Hospital Networking Management have had some inquires flying around about E$$ent.

Straightening out a company that straightens out that a circular arguement?

Anonymous said...

Also looks like they're shopping out a new PR firm. Maybe it will be the 'new, people-oriented E$$ent Healthcare' the new box!

Yeah, r-i-g-h-t

Anonymous said...

You can spraypaint a piece of feces, but it's just colored feces. Nicer-looking, but it still stinks!

Anonymous said...

Wow. This sounds like Essent's first major decision after they bought Christus out. Here we still had so many major problems so what was Essent's solution? "Make the employees wear matching uniforms!" Yeah, uh-huh. That sure made every thing all better.
So now we're going to hell in a handbasket and it's "Let's hire a PR firm so everybody will think we're going on a picnic!"
Man oh man. Shoot me now, please.

Anonymous said...

But damn aren't we spiffy in our matching, color coded by unit scrubs?

Anonymous said...

Just as an aside, I heard that the La Quinta is about a month behind schedule and possibly a bit sub-standard construction.