Friday, June 16, 2006

And the saga goes on... 7/13

I received this email and had some qualms. I read the interview with the hospital's former CEO in the local paper and was going to email some of the folks that had been sending me the basis for my posts. Was curious about his departure. David Kreye was the new CEO, and I can't believe even he would do this. (Note: Apparently it was the facilities director that wrote in. I am duly corrected, and appreciate the input.)

My great uncle was one of the founding physicians at our little hospital and my father practiced there for nearly 50 yrs.

I managed the facility for nearly 22 yrs. and considered it my own and treated it as such. I guess you could say I cared about the place. Having grown up here makes you feel a part of a unique fraternity that honestly shares something with those who have come before.

At any rate, we were feeling the wolf's breath the past few years and in 2005 decided to look for someone to purchase us. Several look-sees came but no one bit. Along comes Essent in early 2005 and after much "due diligence" and careful research decide to buy us. Well the sale was consummated and on Oct. 11, 2005 they officially took over. The new CEO asked me to come up to his office that morning and said it was about to happen.

Not knowing what was in store I agreed to hang around. The first person to be escorted from the building was our HR person. In a brief span of time, almost 10% of our workforce was summarily erased from the books that morning. In short, they were not asked to join the new company.

Shortly after this a poll was taken throughout the hospital to create a new name for the hospital. After much suspense the official winner was "Southwest Regional Medical Center". Imagine that, a name overwhelmingly approved by the recently deposed board of trustees, the medical staff, the hospital staff, and the community at large! Think of it: A little hospital that has been known since the early 1930's as Greene Co. Memorial Hospital. WOW! what a leap of faith! Tim Leary would have been proud.

I could see the standards we have lived by would be slowly eroded in the name of "moving forward”. They do not like the speed at which the bureaucrats who regulate us proceed so they have chosen to circumvent their authority and proceed with total disregard.

The community meanwhile has recoiled at many of their activities and especially the continued release of many long-term dept. managers. These events have generated a great deal of doubt in their leadership. What would you think at seeing a want-ad for 3 new dept. manager positions at the same time from a hospital with only 54 beds? Perhaps this is the transition of converting from not-for-profit to for-profit.

I think our community expects more than this from an institution who has been a presence in various forms since 1907. I have seen many good people let go because they would not speak the party line. My concern is for the folks who go to this institution to receive medical care. Stay tuned, I think other things are in store for us...
I really have a problem with this: How someone could be so devoid of character as to parade the firing of staff before the administrator that had been there for over 20 years. Essent certainly knows how to pick 'em--how well we know, he was here first.

Oh, by the way, GCMH was a union shop. SEIU, if I'm not mistaken. Look for the union label....


Anonymous said...

I'm not sure what to think about that. It bothers me. Wasn't David Kreye here in 2005?

Was he bragging about the decline of health care after Essent took over?

Anonymous said...

Yes to the first, I don't know about the other.

Anonymous said...

So the administrator was talking about his first encounter with Essent. David Krye was the one basically who fired ten percent of his staff on the first day.

What an a$$hole. I'm sure this kind of felt like watching your wife being raped while your tied up and can't do anything about it.

I think these people get off on making people's lives hell. It's like telling him to stick around and watch all that you've worked to accomplish go down the drain. Everybody has to bow down and suck up for their job. We don't care if they are qualified, just so long as they know who is boss.

It's a Saddam Hussein thing.

Anonymous said...

David Kreye was called the "marine" by Knisley; meaning he enjoyed his job as hatchet man.Unfortunately this seemd to be his only skill. He struck me as a man with an inferiority complex ; or a miserable home life ,who got relief in seeing others pay for either the one or the other.Essent had some problems with the union early on that delayed the sale of Greene Co. Hosp., and my guess is this "parading of the Dammed " past the old administrator was his or Huddila-the-huns' idea in order to vent their spleens.
I have observed over my life that there is an immutable "law of the harvest" namely ;one reaps what he sows.Unfortunately when the crop comes in everyone and every thing that these used car salesmen cum hospital administrators reaps will be distrubited also among the innocent citizens and employes of the hospitals they have ruined. Let us pray that they will run out of "investors" before it happens to any more communities.

Anonymous said...

I have to say that I am very pleased to see more and more posts from other folks who have endured an Essent takeover and trying to live with their twisted regime. I have been keeping up with this blogsite for a long while. And thought that we were an island unto ourselves.......not so! It is so very unfortunate to know that this evil we are enduring in Paris, has affected other communities as well. Yes, healthcare is changing, but the methods that this organization uses is criminal in my mind. And ashamedly, some of our more prominent community leaders fell right into step with these folks. They say that every so often, hierarchies need to be weeded out, or simply torn down. I surely hope that this happens here in Paris, in my esitmation, we should all remember well those that helped feed this dollar hungry mongrel, and when it comes time to send it on it's way or euthanize it, we who have stood up to it and endured will NOT forgive those who avidly helped it along.

Anonymous said...

Did anyone ever think that PRMC was unique? What is going on here is mandated by corporate policy... S*%t flows down hill, straight from the top.

The bubble will eventually burst. People are beginning to take note of E$$ents escapades, and towns like Weatherford, TX are making decisions based on more than just E$$ent babble.

This blog has become a huge obstacle in E$$ents attempt to acquire additional hospitals prior to going public, and selling shares for 20x cost.

Help for those already under E$$ent’s tyranny will be a slow process, however preventing the spread of this dis-ease to other communities through freedom of speech is the most effective tool we have is saving ourselves.

The pen is truly mightier than the sword!

GCMH55 said...


I have been watching this site for awhile. I thought it was pretty interesting that the stuff happening in Paris was different that what was going on in Greene county. I read the posting about Greene county memorial and thought that you might want to know that some of the stuff you posted wasnt quite right.
The guy who sent you the posting that you used as the main post was the director of facilities and not the old administrator. I know because of the reference to his dad and how long he worked here. He was let go a few weeks ago.

I have seen alot of stuff change in the last eight months. Some folks were let go on the first day and some of them were people that I have known for a while. They were not paraded in front of the old admisnitrator when they were told that they would not have jobs. That would have been impossible because the old administrator was not here then.

A lot of the change has been pretty hard, but it has been good becasue we were about to close our doors forever like Brownsville because the hospital was losing so much money. I cant speak for everyone here but most of my coworkers like what is happening and like what essent is doing for the hospital.

Nurses have gotten raises along with alot of other people. we have new equipment and supplies that we did not have before becasue the hospital didnt have the money to get it. The admisnitrators ask us what we need and we get stuff we need to take care of our patients. we have new services and the place looks alot better. Every employee has been asked to be part of the planning process and we have finished the employee satisfaction questions and the results came back and everything was shared with all the employees. Our employee satisfaction is above national norm, and they told us the things that we did not like too. They did not try to hide the bad results but asked us how we think we could work with them to fix the problems.

I just thought that you might want to know what is happening here from someone who works here. I feel bad for the people who lost their jobs but most everyone here knows those people did not want to do their jobs and help their coworkers.

fac_p said...

Your correction is appreciated, but are we talking about the same corporation?

It was reported (in the paper) that 50 nurses walked the first day, and I know that there have been other terminations.

As to the asking for input...that isn't the same corporation that hasn't had suggestion forms in two-and-a-half-years at this location...although, I know that one of the hospitals had a pretty innovative CEO...but he left.... Maybe it's an east coast thing, because Crossroads was apparently in the same boat....

fac_p said...

By the way, it's nice to see the folks from ETMC, Baylor, Christus, CHS, Tampa Gen, and others keeping up...oh, and Essent as well.

Anonymous said...

Pleas forgive gcmh55, for he does not know what is coming. When the cold realization hits him in the face, he'll get the message- or perhaps not

David, Kreye.........yeah, he's the cheesehead c********* who shoved me out the door without so much as a by-your-leave. I have no love for the "man", and deepest sympathy for anyone else who was dealt dirty by this waste of DNA.

Anonymous said...

Oh, BTW, this clown is a diehard Packers fan, and he's CEO in a hospital in Steelers country.

Any odds on how long he lasts come fall..........hee hee hee.....

fac_p said...

Had a nasty suspicion about a second post from gcmh55, so I fired off the content to five previous contributors and we'll see what their take is....

By the way, these Sprint cards are great! Thanks for the suggestion.

Anonymous said...

Who is gchm55? He's obviously not at an E$$ent facility, or the drugs are being shared with a PRMC
He talks about raises, just like PRMC talked
about raises, Oh yea the nurses are happy, are they?
Why not let the nurses comment on that subject. I'm sure they are happy with there pay.

Anonymous said...

Amen! Anyone who cannot see what E$$ent is all about, hasn't taken off their blinders yet! For every little bit of good they do, there is a magnitude of ugliess associated with them.

Anonymous said...

Hey fac_p,

This is a really interesting blog. Lots of observers, people (like me) interested in how to deliver great heatlhcare...

please please please don't it "de-volve" into a bunch of whiny he-said, she-said name-calling by anonymous fired people.

Is this blog after Essent or after better healthcare! I know you're after better healthcare. Get back to the issues!

Anonymous said...

As worker bees having just done the transistion from community based to different (for profit) ownership, it is alot better now. the only people here in Greene County who are losing jobs are ones who deserve to go, and now we dont have to carry the patient load of the lazy and incompetent while the lazy and incompetent collect a paycheck for doing nothing.

Anonymous said...

By the way, your facts are wrong. The only people that did not have a job the first day were the 20 or so that were laid off. No one left, there was no walk out.

No newspaper reported any such thing. I know, I have lived here for 29 years and read the newpapers every day before coming to work. I wonder who is giving you such bad information.

eyempissed said...

Poor dear gcmh55. Let me guess - you were probably with the "old" broke regime for about 1 - 1 1/2 yrs - maybe even fresh out of school. By your very words you are as green and naieve as a college freshman. The very scenario you describe is exactly how it unfolded in Paris. Suggestions were asked for - folks like yourself innocently offered help. They too now are gone from the face of a$$ent. By the way - whre are the suggestion boxes placed in your facility?
Please don't take this as a reprimand or harsh toward your noble attempt at "standing by your man (atilla the HUD). I have nothing but pity for you - because most assuredly the one thing a$$ent doesn't want is naieve loyalty. They want proven hard core leaders(?) that have no problem going for the juglar. When your day comes - and most assuredly it will - feel free to repost and some of us will attempt to help heal your wounds

fac_p said...

No, apparently it wasn't in a local newspaper, it was the Nashville Business Journal, and the quote is in the archive for Nov05. The quote was apparently from either Essent or the hospital, more likely from Essent, considering the proximity.

fac_p said...

The blog link, the journal link.

Folks, I don't make this stuff up, I haven't got that vivid an imagination.

Anonymous said...


I found your article and can see why you posted what you did, but that does not change the facts. 50 nurses did not leave the first day. I was there when we started to talk about selling the hospital and have been here through thick and thin. The union did have to vote on a new contract, and the union stayed and is still here.

The suggestion boxes are in the cafeteria. I have been an employee at the old Greene County Memorial for over 15 years and it is the first time we have had a suggestion box. And the suggestions are now addressed!

Are some of the people that are posting on this blog upset becasue the hospital is doing better financially and we were able to keep our doors open? Do you guys know that a hospital in SW PA was bought and run by physicians closed its doors permanently because of finances and ALL the people who worked at that hospital lost their jobs?

fac_p said...

Point of view, and there are many. I don't know about the doctors hospital, have no idea about their financials, nor do I know what other issues they had to address, if that has a bearing.

The CEO of Essent was formerly the same for Arcon Healthcare. The month before it tanked, leaving everyone unemployed, he issued a statement:
"We believe that the company simply needs more time to allow its concept to mature and to grow its market share and revenue base," Hud Connery, one month prior to closing Arcon Healthcare.

"It will be business as usual," he promised. "No changes. No layoffs. No reductions in hours of operation."

"We have determined it is impossible for the debtors in these cases to reorganize under Chapter 11." ...note left in the door prior to a scheduled meeting with Arcon creditors.

I do like quotes, and there were more, check the Feb06 archive.

Anonymous said...


Thanks, I did not know about the other comapny. I guess we just know what is happening here in our spot in PA.

It isnt all perfect, but it is alot beeter. I know we have hired alot of new nurses and other staff to help take care of the bigger patient load. I know that we have the supplies we need and now the idea here is to give really good patient care rather than make due with out what you need like before the new comapny bought us and we didnt have the supplies we needed to take care of patients, so as a caregiver we think it is alot better. We can actaully get good nurses from other hospitals that have experience now that we pay better. The raises for the nurses and other staff was a big thing for us.

Anonymous said...

Here's a health care industry perspective for you: Your readers are a bunch of whiners!

Essent and other little hospital companies like them (and there are a bunch) only are allowed to buy hospitals that are failing and about to collapse.

Nobody sells a successful hospital. Nobody.

Essent and CHS and Lifepoint buy broken hospitals that are quite often bleeding money because the existing administration or board of trustees was unable or unwilling to make the tough decisions to save the hospitals -- which usually means they were unwilling to fire people, confront bad or greedy doctors, or close services that were killing the organization. That's just true.

Broken hospitals are almost always overstaffed and under capitalized or held hostage by bad docs.

If you have to invest millions and millions of dollars in a hospital, I can tell you from experience you're pretty focused on separating the wheat from the chaff and you can do it pretty quickly, too. Most people that are fired when a for-profit takes over need to be fired.

After all, the goal must be to make money. Stop pretending that making money is not important. Not-for-profits and for-profit both need a margin to survive. No margin, no mission. Christus? Hello?

To make money in a hospital, you have to provide great service and great care. There's no way around it. To provide great service and great care, however, you have to toss bad systems and bad people -- and sometimes its ugly before it gets better. The more broken the hospital, but tougher the turnaround.

But wake up, for goodness sake: The track record shows that for-profits -- Essent included -- pump millions in health care, save hospitals that are worth saving, turn them around, and care for people.

Wasn't Paris losing a million a month or something like that? How irresponsible is that? Want to talk about the rising cost of health care?

I'm not saying for-profits are perfect. Far from it. I've got my own specific problems with some of the group purchasing issues inherent in that world.

But, jeese, I see a lot of whining on this blog...but not a lot of solutions or alternatives.

By the way: "I don't like Essent. They fired me and were mean to me!" is a pitiful cry for help, not a solution.

If you're readers wnat to help -- help! Join the conversation. If they want to cry, buy some tissue.

Anonymous said...

How ironic! One one hand this blog will use newspaper articles to make its case, but then complains that the media don't cover Essent or Paris accurately. So, which is it? Is the media accurate or not?

Will you run or link positive stories about Paris on your site? How about a positive story about Essent? Doubt it.

fac_p said...

I did, but only aside. It dealt with an administrator that seemed to be well grounded, Andrei Soran, and, even though I criticized in a previous post his eBay style system of filling shortfalls in nursing, he seemed to be well ahead of the crowd. See "Can you say: Show me the money!"

As to the Paris News, they are in a dependent relationship with the hospital, and always have been.

Heck, when the hospital laid off the staff (about 100) from the purchased practices (including the doctors), they didn't get a column inch. When a number of physicians sued the hospital for the rabbi trust debacle, not a peep. And when the hospital was suing the physicians for value received in their practices, not a word.

However, when the radiology group was counter-sued by the hospital, they covered that.

...all the news that keeps their bread buttered....

There is an unsubstantiated rumor (don't you love 'em) that the paper has been overcharging the hospital $1 per column inch, but that the extra keeps them out of the unfavorable news.

As to the nursing staff, be prepared for some changes, all you ER faces, anonymous faces, are in the works.... Again, an unsubstantiated email, but that's probably going to be part of the next post...unless something just grabs me.

fac_p said...

And from the perspective that I have as well, a lot of things that were said about for-profit are true--that we were in a financial hole that was dug by the former CEO.

That there was mismanagement and poor utilization of resources.

That changes needed to be made--hallelujah!

But I think they threw the baby out with the bath water. The directors they kept were poor. The emphasis points to the staff were not well thought out. The vacillation between local and Nashville control is frankly, unnerving. And the expressed views about, and the treatment of the medical staff may fly in a metro area, but not here.

The largest difference between all the other hospitals has been size--all these pieces of property! The outpatient surgical center that floods, the misc. pieces of property that they hold on to for storage, and the two campuses.

I think the boys at Baylor and ETMC are looking for a fire sale--and heck, they can just transfer the original staff back here....

Anonymous said...

It's funny how you are characterized as a whiner--when your choices are limited by family or finances--and you still want to make a difference--so that it's worth staying....

It's funny, when you no longer work in a hospital, how your insights to problems are of no value....

And it's really funny how a number of really motivated staff have motivated right on out of there...and it sounds like this could be either hospital. I'm just so bulls**t over the whole thing!

Anonymous said...

Any word about the job fair in Kilgore, That is where the next group is being recruted from.

Anonymous said...

gcmh55 said:
"The union did have to vote on a new contract, and the union stayed and is still here."

Still unionized there.... Hmmmmmm... Think maybe thats why things arent as bad there? I do. Thats the only way to ever get things fixed here, but we will never be union and essent loves it.
The employees of green county are happier because they have union protection from unchecked administrators. We dont and we never will.

Anonymous said...

As I understand it there are 5 new radiology employees going thru I guess that's 5 more firings for seasoned techs soon....

Anonymous said...

Yeah understand that Bev is doing the "We're wonderful, you'll love working under me AND at PRMC" routine, complete with testimonials from two of the newer Rad Techs in Xray. Does this mean her "Shoo Fly Pie, Jimmie Crack Corn" act isn't hitting the mark with the soon to be grads at PJC here in Paris?!?!?! Nahhhh, surely not!

Anonymous said...

I think that Essent really did do there homework. They found exactly what they were looking for in Greene County: The county where sheep out number the people. They even kept a couple sheep as employees.

Not only sheep but backstabbing SOBs who will ruin there own fellow employees lives to achieve there own personal gains. The people they left in some depts. are not team players. And if they are reading this they know who they are.

How may local businesses are now thriving since Essent has come in? Ask the people at Mark IV how there profit was last year. Just the opposite I am willing to bet. How about that new psych ward? Same company that ran it into the ground before huh? Nice move. Love the comment in the newspaper about how this region is really in need of a facility like that. I guess that we are all just a bunch of farting nut cases here.

Funny how that place was making money once Essent paid off all of our pending debts from law suits. I guess if we were not behind the 8 ball for the whole time I was there things would have been a lot easier. But what do I know. I for one will not get my knees dirty for anyone. To me, my dignity is far more important than a paycheck. All those raises the nurses are getting are only as good as their contracts. Don’t worry if they get raises next year, your dept heads will be the ones to thank. Oops you won’t get the chance cause they will not be there.

As for the union what a farting joke. With all the labor laws now unions are not needed. It is a false sense of security. Here is an interesting question. For the $ a month that you pay how much has the union done for you? Answer not a whole hell of a lot.

I can't wait until Essent gets to play the bumping game. For those of you who are new to this game that is where they stick any body any place whether they are qualified or not because they have been there for an extended period of time. Resulting in a loss for that department because things get screwed up.

There are people who work in the facility with a degree that get paid less than some one who has a GED. I guess that is where I differ from most. I have the self confidence to know I can make it anywhere and I am not confined by the safety of a familiar setting.

Anonymous said...

It is funny how someone trys to act like they are from Greene County and work at the hospital when it is obvious that they do not.

If this person was from Greene County and knew anything about the hospital they would know that the raises we got were not because of our union contract, but because Essent knew that our union negotiated contract did not pay us enough to retain employees or recruit new employees, so they came to us and paid us more. The union had nothing to do with it.

If the person who wrote the post at 3:19 pm were from Greene County and worked with us they would know that bumping no longer exists becuase it was taken out of our union contract. They would know that the psych unit was MAKING money when the previous owners closed it. It is needed here, and we are glad it reopened. When you have a psych patient in the ED and cant find placement for them because there are not enough beds in the region, they are needed.

Nice try, but you don't fool us. It looks like you are pretty mad about Paris Texas. I dont know what happened in Texas, but the fact is that what you say about what is happening in Greene County isnt close to being true. How much of the stuff you post about Texas is not true?

Nice try, but you arent fooling us. You should come visit us and see for yourself. Then you might get your story straight.

Anonymous said...

Interesting, 3:19 comments on the union in a negative context, the follow-up essentially agrees, but says they don't know what's going on.

Apparently the psych unit closed(?) and now is open? Seems like the average person might have heard that it was losing money, and that was the reason for closure.

Heck, the naysayer might not have been from Greene Co either. Might have gotten an email, even. Love these admin types. Never know who gets the bcc.

Anonymous said...

OK not trying to be rude or anything but can we get back to paris i guess it great that essent is doing some good somewhere but lets get back at the task at hand. getting them the hell out of paris. we need to get focused here fac_p we need some input about what we can do w/ this hospita im tired of driving but i refuse to go back to that god forsaken hospital untill all of the current administration has changed!!! so let get on the ball and do something im tired of just bitching about it all the time. lets get something rolling!!

Anonymous said...

It's easy to spot union haters. They make comments about how useless union membership is, but offer no hard facts to back those statements. Why don't you do a survey?

Fac_p, do a survey. Ask an arbitrary number of union employees about their jobs; working conditions, pay, etc. Then ask the same number of non-members the same questions. Post the results. That should put an end to this debate.

My prediction is that employees with the backing and support and input from thousands of other employees across the country in addition to legal input from their parent association have an overall better opinion of their jobs than those who are an island unto themselves.

Oh, by the way, the comment about labor laws being a reason that unions are useless is ridiculous. Management's attitude is, "We'll do it, regardless of legality, until we're sued.", knowing all along that non-union members tend to not sue due to the fact they know they'll lose their jobs if they challenge management.

Look for the union label.

Anonymous said...

"Here's a health care industry perspective for you: Your readers are a bunch of whiners!"

You're either administration or blind.

"By the way: "I don't like Essent. They fired me and were mean to me!" is a pitiful cry for help, not a solution.

If you're readers wnat to help -- help! Join the conversation. If they want to cry, buy some tissue."

What a load of crap! I'm not whining- I'm stating fact. For the record, anon (I can see why you're anonymous, BTW), I used to work for McCuistion AND Christus prior to the Essent takeover. When I was let go, the powers that be bypassed all the disciplinary guidelines written down in their own policy manuals, and sent me packing. However, I landed on my feet, in a better position far from the mess Essent has created.

Oh yes, wasn't Medicare reimbursement cut to CSJHS some years ago? Kinda hard to keep the doord open w/o Govt. money coming in to rural facilties......

You want change? Change number 1 is to organize- as in unions, if necessary. Second, bring some of the "happenings" at Essent to light-in blogs like this, in responsoble journals (well, that leaves out the local fishwrap,don't it?), and make whatever moves are necessary for an ownership change.

What I said about Kreye still goes.

In a way, this clown did me a favor- where I work now, the leadership of the hospital is proactive, they listen to the employees, and have done the right things to make the hospital THE choice for locals, instead of heading down the road.

Don't worry about this ex-employee- I'm doing real fine. I feel pity for those who are in the community so deep they can't change,as wellfor the brainwashed fools who think Essent is their salvation.

I'm more than happy to join in, so that Paris can get better-managed healthcare once again. I have friends in PRMC who deserve better.

fac_p said...

Kind of hard to evaluate side-by-side when there's no union here. And in most states, if there is one, you have to belong to it (closed shop)!

I've been in two situations where I've been forced to join a union, and I didn't care for it either time.

Anonymous said...

Texas is an "at will" state.

Anonymous said...

And we also have to consider that we reside in Texas, a Republic, a right to work state. No protection here, let me tell ya! Had we been in California or FLorida for example, the tactics that Essent has used would've put them in court for sure....and quickly. So I say unionize, may not be the best answer, but a shred of protection is better than none, which we are enduring at the present. And the other consideration is, this community is about 25 years behind the times when it comes to standing up for itself (workers that is!) Until employees get some chutzpah, they are stuck with what they have. And only have themselves to blame for it!

Anonymous said...

For those interested, Texas Right to Work laws are found in
Texas Codes Ann. Title 3 §§ 101.003, 004, 052, 053, 102, 111, 121, 122, 124.

That web address is

Copy and paste it into your address box to go to that page.

Anonymous said...

You guys are hilarious. Do you really think anonymous character assasination and calls for unionization are going to get the improvements you want in the Paris hospital? Get real.

You guys may be excellent -- but disgruntled -- caregivers, but you demonstrate a great lack of knowledge about the "business" of health care.

The truth is, before Essent, Paris was losing millions and millions of dollars to bad management, little investment, poor discipline and greedy doctors. Our patients suffered and our building broke down. That's just true. Our hospital was an unsustainable business and would, in fact, have gone out of business if it hadn't been sold. That's just true. I'm not a 100% fan of Essent or for-profit healthcare for that matter, but at least they made some calls that had to be made, put some money in this place and got rid of some of the "entrepreneurial" doctors that were sucking the life from our hospital.

Where were the calls for change when our hospital was dying a slow and painful death? Where was the calls for unions when there were holes in our roof?

You want change? Tell me, do you think a hospital union would make Paris more attractive or less attractive to another owner?

Another example? I see this blog has celebrated the fact that it has tried to distrupt Essent's effort to buy another hospital. The stupidity of this is breathtaking. Don't you realize that the bigger Essent is, the less financial pressure is put on individual hospitals? We want them to grow -- the faster the better.

Sorry, guys, but even if these childish tantrums make you feel better it doesn't help Paris or our hospital and probably just hardens Essent to its course.

Frankly, its pisses me off that only now -- when Paris is actually making money -- do you "heros" speak out and complain, long after the train has left the station.

When you could have made a difference, before the sale, you were silent. We don't need your bitching now. We need your help.

Get real: Essent has put millions and millions into Paris. They aren't going anywhere. The hospital isn't going anywhere. Another hospital isn't coming here.

Get into the hospital and make it better or get out and take your anger with you.

Anonymous said...

You're right. Essent was nice enough to drive away a large segment of the staff, and pay the rest of us that large raise we all got to make up for it, let me see now, $.05 per hour! Da#n, now I can retire!!!

And they have been so concerned about our thoughts and least on the way out!

And they've created a new industry in Paris...transporting patients elsewhere.

And, they've been nothing but kind and understanding to the community...especially with filing those liens against patients....


Anonymous said...

9:23 am

It has become obvious that your blinders are to tight. The tantrums you describe are from lack of blood to your brain.
Disgruntled or not, fact is forked tongue speaks and lies become truths, truths become lies, then E$$ent forgets the truth.
The honest hardworking employee's understood and tried to help the company succeed, but got burned. There were many wasted dollars spent with Christus, we all knew and saw that. We also advised many different savings plans. Our knowledge wasn't just a licence but a company outlook. If the company made money so would we. We believed this. Lets save and make money together was the thought. Little did we know E$$ent wanted that, then goodbye to those who could and did find savings. We know E$$ent let several employees go, by their own accord or other that made the hospital millions. You< and E$$ent have a long way to go before you could ever be trusted.
The thought is reduce the cost, #1 employee payroll, forgo knowledge, that will come(where and by whom?) the experienced are gone. Health care is secondary to E$$ent. If it happens, good,
#1 is make money.
#2 is make more money

This organization is STRICTLY business no bones about it, keep the investors happy, make money....
If a life is saved or lost, so be it,
how much did we make.

Anonymous said...

You know, it's funny. New management comes in, guts staff, treats the remainder like crap until someone says "union". Then when that idea from hell is actually spoken, those that have done the gutting and cutting start crying and trashing the ones contemplating unionization telling them "This is your fault."

You can't have it both ways. You can't treat your help like sh*t and then whine when they want to organize. Treat your staff like people instead of monkeys (re; the monkey posts from some months back) and they will in turn want to help you. And when you get them on your side, everybody wins. Your staff is happy. Happy workers turn out higher quality work, whether its Chevy Tahoes or CT scans. Happy workers are more efficient. And happy workers care about their work thus resulting in better outcomes, thus eliminating at least some of the trips to Dallas for procedures that could and should be done here.

Anonymous said...


So you want help now and wish that the b##chin' would stop.
People in he## want ice water.
If you remember you were part of the blow and go... spend like no tomorrow regime. Knowledgeable, unsolicited buying, spending advice wasn't shunned but completely ignored, spending was ridiculous, equipment expenses were 2 to 3 times the normal going rates and because staff members knew pricing, equipment and services charges, from experience, management would not listen. Upper management was told of the extraordinarily inflated costs and the employees were stiffled. Losing a million a month was norm, not because of the employee, but you and management were out of control. They, you cut your nose to spite the face. Blew money like a lotto winner and now gripe. Telling stories of how the hospital was going under, who was at the helm? Management now wants, did you say, help.
The way most of us see it now is that management today, and close subordinates have burned that bridge. All we want is to be treated fair and with respect. Five cents an hour is not respect.

Anonymous said...

All it takes is one pissed off person, who tells another, and they tell two more, and they tell four more....

There is an old advertising adage called the rule of 250: Everyone knows at least 250 people. If you piss off one person, he's liable to have 250 mad at you....

Wonder what Essent did to piss Frank off...'cause he(?) got a whole bunch more than 250 pissed off!

Or, maybe it's like talk radio, where you find out that a whole bunch of people out there feel the same way and that you aren't the only one that feels like you do. Anyway, this blog has been a focal point!