Monday, May 29, 2006

Pro-active: Suggestions for the Hospital...8/24

Okay, I'd like to see them gone, but if we could make it better while they are here....

How 'bout serious suggestions? That way they can't say it was never offered up to them ('cause let's face it, this is prime reading for directors--they might find out here first that they were fired!)

Yes, the picture has been re-used, but it was just too good and fitting not to...I did replace it with another.


Anonymous said...

I could give a hundred pro-active suggestions where E$$ent could reverse the tide of failure and regain some standing within the community. NOT!

The reason: The pin heads know everything. Just ask them.

They don't want to know where the problems are, how to fix them or anything else. Their Phd's or MBA's tell them they are the smartest people on earth. NOT!

I know of several instances where employees saved the hospital hundreds of thousands of dollars by suggesting a simple change here and there. Their reward: Nada. Zilch. No bonus or atta boy. The "Director" took the credit. I'm sure they (Director) got a nice bonus for their hard work!

Who was it that said "No good deed goes unpunished"?

Because Texas is a right to work state, the employer holds most of the cards. So, it's very easy to fire someone without any ramifications.

If E$$ent wanted to lower their costs by hiring entry level RN's or Lab or x-ray techs at the expense of losing the higher paid personnel, why not just tell those people the truth instead of concocting BS reasons to fire them instead of negotating a smaller pay scale? No, that wouldn't work either.

It used to be that managers hired people for their skill and knowledge with an eye on these people pushing them up the ladder of sucess. Not now. The so-called managers want to hire dumb down or people with little or no experience so they can protect their jobs and lifestyle.

Anonymous said...

Heck, all I was going to suggest is that they put the alcohol rub dispensors in the linen chute areas. More chance they'd be used after handling dirty linen.

Sometimes it's just the little things....

Anonymous said...

Leadership clases from the ANA and Nurse friendly enviornment classes for directors and charge nurses.

Christus spend a lot of money on the Customer classes. I thought they did some good.

Many people are so angry about how they have been treated as a pt., employee,etc by PRMC---its going to take alot of damage control to overcome it.

Trying to transfer a pt. into the hospital--sometimes the accepting doctor doesn't accept, or gives the transferring doctor greif.

Word of mouth in Paris is their best and worst advertisement. It spreads all the way to Oklahoma and fast.

Christus realized this when they did the customer classes. Everytime someone has contact with that hospital== they are creating or missing an opportunity for a pt.

If you are short staffed--overworked or sleep deprived--its almost impossible to be nice, no matter how many customer classes you have taken.

If PRMC doesn't take these steps--to fix these issues, no matter what they do from here on out they are doomed to fail.

Right now--we pretty much bypass Paris. We could send pt's to Paris- it would be closer. But because of the pt. complaints that we have had, (mostly short staffing--those poor nurses--short of breath when they get to me) and the way some of the doctors are treated when we try to do a Doc to Doc--We've pretty much given up on it.

If PRMC was a trauma designated facility--they could pull in many more transfers--more pt's--more money.

This is just falling on deaf ears though.

Anonymous said...

How about the equipment we need to take care of our patients like suction units for the fourth floor and more tele boxes so we dont have to take them off one patient before they need to be so that a new patient can have one.

Anonymous said...

I'm an outsider looking in. Not in the medical field. But I have been reading this blog for months now. Some time back, it seemed as though there might be enough support for a union. Haven't seen much about that lately. Hope you haven't let that idea fall by the wayside. It's the only way short of resignation out of your present situation. It's obvious E$$ent doesn't care and the snoozepaper doesn't care. So you're going to have to help yourself.

Good luck.

fac_p said...

Have to thank the PA cyclists of Greene County...and guys, I used to ride a 'fix' in the City...just not in the rain.

Workin4Change said...

I've been wondering the same thing as 7:19...where's the people ready to help themselves??

AT LEAST have some people from a union come here to show what they can and cannot offer to PRMC's better than bitching and griping endlessly, which is just what E$$ent prays keeps going on here!!

Just let me know when and where...I'll bring the coffee and cake!

Anonymous said...

Union? I don't work there but all that has to happen is for an employee to call and get the ball rolling.

Anonymous said...

Oh yes...suction for 4th floor surgical unit would be a huge help (but they're moving to 5th just to get wall suction...when they actually get moved)

...could they get some dynamaps too - let me qualify that - dynamaps that actually WORK! they do come in helpful when doing frequent vitals post-op. Oh...and thermometers...they only have 3 - that work. Very confusing for us float nurses when the staff has to explain how to finigle freq vitals out of the existing machines, or tell us "oh no, this machine wont program, let's go find a blue one.." I mean come on

Anonymous said...

Ahhh but the bosses in radiology don't want to hear suggestions. They don't want to hear any comments at all. It wouldn't matter if your idea would save the company a million a year. They don't want to hear it.
There is no so blind as he who will not see....none so deaf as he who will not listen!

Anonymous said...

I heard something interesting: that E$$ent, in its infinite wisdom, is going to open the North Campus ER!

After they've almost destroyed it with moving the OP surgical center...and how much did they say that piece of brilliance cost?

Anonymous said...


fac_p said...

I have to say ESSENT because I don't know the who's who. I can not believe the amount of non-communication there is between departments. It seems that the departments are trying to function independently. This can not bode well in any business.

I don't know if this is the same or different as I am new here. I do know that if staff is trained properly they have a better chance to do well. The people in real power need to get the departments to function together.

This is Texas, we are not the same, we are better. We do not like people "bullshit". Sorry had to go there. I have enjoyed Paris TX. as a whole, but as an employee of PRMC not the walk of good employees to HR for "bullshit" I have enjoyed the walk for Bad ones.

How can you get suspended when you’re not at work to do the deed? You don't have to post just want to vent this insanity.

Sometimes just the venting helps....frank