Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Is Radiology Self-Destructing?--6/22

Well, you thought they couldn't get worse, but look Virginia, they are!

Had a pt this weekend.... Multiple PE's shown on the CT....didn't get a report or find out for 6 hours... That's right... 6 HOURS

Good job radiology
And did we suddenly drop back to 4 hour coverage on the weekend? (That's four hours total, Virginia....)
The fudge factor doesn't seem to be working in radiology these days. (Nope, it's in MIS! I 'C' how it is....)

It would seem that the radiologist de jour turned up MIA this weekend... couldn't be located. They got another to come in for two of the 48 hours, and then split. Fortunately, they aren't too busy these days!

Larry, Moe, and Curley must be very proud... but oh! They don't even come in when their on call so I guess it doesn't matter!
May 19th should prove interesting for Radiology employees. A mandatory staff meeting has been called for that date.

Will it be another hour-long screamfest where Rad employees will be told how worthless they are? Or will Bev just finally go completely postal and gun them all down? Will they be told that she'd prefer temp techs to seasoned professionals? (Again.) Or will she start foaming at the mouth? (Kind of like the way she treats her hubby....)

Perhaps her superior will be there to quell rumors about his sweetie getting a job he is totally not qualified for and was posted for a fleeting second.

(Is this the way he gets out from under???)
It should prove verrrrrrrry interesting. Stay tuned. Film at 11.


Anonymous said...

I'm eager to see if Bev or Bice will run the big meeting on May 19th. Who is wearing the pants in Xray?

~~~Mindless Zombie Avoiding Firing

Anonymous said...

I hope they did a d-dimer and acted on it prior to the 6 hour CT confirmation.

My imagination is acting up, but all I can see is heads rolling across the floor, and docs playing soccer with them. It's funny, but I actually see the faces on the heads as they are kicked and roll across the floor.

It is my imagination for sure. The docs aren't making enough heads roll in this situation, or this wouldn't be happening.

If you can't do anything, I guess we must be whipped. (another stinking visual---I see the doctors bent over in the whipping line---saying "thank you sir, may I have another."

Anonymous said...

Radiology is an essential (no pun intended) part of our clinical diagnostic tools. If E$$ent can't fix this, and not with a bandaid, this hospital is finished.

Six hours without confirmation of multiple blood clots in the lungs is criminal.

Anonymous said...

==Hey, MZAF, maybe neither....

Anonymous said...

This is what they (E$$ENT, AND BEV)Wanted why would they grip or complain. There past employees advised them of these types of situations and they were flogged. Now that reality is setting in and JR is gone (sorry, can't blame him). The director/admin is getting what they/she wanted, incompentcy throught, why would they/she expect anything else, they/she has surrounded themselves with incompetence and now they/she is living with it, why would they/she complain, they/she got what they/she wanted.
Reap what you sow.

Anonymous said...

To "they/she":

Please don't take this the wrong way, but that post was an ass whipping.

Anonymous said...

I'll bet somebody gets fired over this one. Will the real fac_p please stand up.

Anonymous said...

fac_p has stood up! He/She started this blog and it has been a wonderful enlightment not only to current and former employees but to potential employers. Being fired from some toilet like PRMC should be viewed as a badge of honor, not a black mark on one's career.

Why the Paris Snooze or others haven't caught on is anyone's guess. Why the blood sucking lawyers haven't started class action lawsuits is anyones guess.

Everyone knows who fac_p is, so what's the big deal? The morons who are running the hospital haven't a clue. They can fire the entire staff, replace them with temps and fac_p will still be there. Go get em fac_p!

My only hope is the bitch has to suffer the indignity of going to the workforce center and apply for unemployement. How she ever rose to this level of incompetence is beyond immagination. She's not fit to unload cassettes in the darkroom. She may leave the lights on and the film bin open! Heaven forbid! She may even disrespect a student for bringing her stupidity to their attention! A fireable offense, I suspect.

Murphy is rolling in his grave.

Anonymous said...

Check out the Paris News today. There is a PR article from Andrew and an article on the firemen on the front page. There was also an article about the power lines---but nothing about the people protesting.

Damage Control? Andrew didn't say anything about what he was doing about the nursing situation or the X-ray situation. He is recruiting doctors out the bootie.

I wonder if he told the new doctors about the X-ray and nursing situation before they got here?

I did get something in the mail from PRMC about a health fair. I guess that's how they are recruiting. I didn't see him bragging about nursing recruitment, or it even being addressed as a serious problem.

Anonymous said...

The ER director's job is open. Did she quit too?

Anonymous said...

Oh yeah....recruiting date of Thurs. May 11th....funny...PJC RN students finish their finals on Tues May 9th.

Coincidence? I think not.

Anonymous said...

Oh yeah.... Essent is trying to buy the Weatherford, TX hospital. They came to check out "what Essent can do for them" seeing the before (4th floor), during (5th floor) and after (6th floor).

Wonder if they've read this site to know that there are no nurses to work those floors? No matter how bright and shiny they are. If they havent then its their own fault, I sent the site to them.

Anonymous said...

The Paris Snooze strikes again! Italics are taken directly from this weekends front page article! This is long but worth the read!

Lets start out with a half truth at the very beginning of the article; Building new facilities, buying new equipment and recruiting new doctors has kept Andrew Knizley busy. Left out was.... "as has running off valuable employees, good nurses and doctors!"

And the lies continue: “I wish we could do more things faster. We’re accelerating the pace that we can make changes and improvements,” Andrew, just who are you kidding? Do you actually believe what's coming out of your mouth?

“Early on, you can only do one major project at a time, and now I’m comfortable with us doing a number of major things at a time and doing it well.” This translates from E$$ent speak to; "The place continues to fall apart at an ever accelerating pace. We've got new problems every day." You can only put so many fingers in a leaking dam before the whole thing gives way ...and the dam is about to burst!!! Admit it Andrew, everything is falling apart around you!

Recruitment of doctors has been a top priority, Knizley said. He’s made several key hires in the past 12 months and is on the verge of others. Only because so many have left!!! Warm bodies are one thing, but competent doctors are another... look at what's going on in radiology????

And it floweth over;Brought aboard in recent months was noted cardiologist Dr. Arjumand “A.J.” Hashmi of Tampa, Fla., plus three Dallas-area doctors brought in for a day or two in Paris each week — David Engleman, Bruce Bowers and Jacob Abraham. The last three are all part of Advanced Heart and will continue to live in Dallas, gracing us with their presence once a week or less. I'm not sure what motivates a successful cardiologist to move from Tampa, Florida to Paris, Texas. Maybe he can exercise his yellow Lamborghini better on our country roads... (just beware of Smokey, who just may be a little trigger happy thinking he's thwarted an Al Qaeda attack) ...or maybe it's the stock options when E$$ent goes public?

E$$ent ran off anesthesia, and gave the contract to a locums, Dr. Zanchi. Dr. Liming was recruited by Dr. McLemore and has nothing to do with E$$ent. Kastl,Parks-Herndon, Creme, Frankum and the infamous Dr. Bourianoff are all part time ER docs... Only Rowe even lives in Paris. To top it off, NONE of the physicians mentioned in the article are employed by E$$ent, so I think the term hired is somewhat inappropriate!!!!

And the smoke screen continues;
We are talking with a neurosurgeon, and it’s quite possible he will relocate here during the summer. I'll bet those ortho guys will just love sharing all those backs, most of which go to their buddies in Tyler!! Who did you say that ortho floor at PRMC was for???

And what about all the new construction? “You know, we did the sixth floor for the orthopedists because we had a great group, and it was time for them to get what they needed to finish off what was already a quality service,” Knizley said. So where are all the patients??? Why is newest floor closed so much... oh, I forgot, you ran off all the nurses!! That should also make the neurosurgeon happy! You really did "finish it off."

And about all that new equipment E$$ent's been buying; In a typical month, Essent will buy at least a half million dollars worth of new equipment for the hospital, he said. So exactly which of the past 24 "typical" months that E$$ent has been running the place are you referring to, and just where is all this money going?? I suspect the same E$$ent bank account in Nashville as the 100K/month you said you were paying the radiologists? They're still wondering where the money is too?

“At a cost of another million dollars, we’re installing this month a complete, new telemetry system, which is a heart-monitoring system. It puts a monitor on you, and we can watch it from a central location pretty much no matter where you are.” Would this have anything to do with the recent bust by JCAHO? Did they threaten to shut you down?????

You can fool some of the people some of the time, but not all of the people, all of the time! Just how much longer will the people of Paris, Texas tolerate these insults???

I, for one, am nauseated by the continued disseat and lies! But what else can E$$ent do???

Anonymous said...

If they get a neuro doc, they will be buying more equiptment too. I wonder if this neurosurgeon will demand education so nurses will know how to take care of his pt.s, or will he just wing it because certain folks don't want to spend the money.

So most of those docs came from Advanced Heart Group and Shumacher.
The ER docs are all locums from Shumacher. I guess it was really hard work for Andrew to give them privledges at our hospital.

The Shumacher group will soon be expanding to fit the needs of another local hospital. That ought to be interesting.

I thought Dr. Bourionoff lives here. Did he move?

So what is the deal with the ER director? Why is her job open? Does she even know it?

Did we loose all of our anesthesiologist to locums? What happened to Dr. Y?

Anonymous said...

Ok, so I guess we are all pretty much in agreement that the Public Relations article was a lame attempt at blowing smoke up our a$$.

We know the truth about much of the article----so what I am wondering is....Is that the article that would be coming to us assuring us that everything is ok, right before the doors are locked?

Anonymous said...

This article makes me think of Crossroads. The last stand before the fall.

Anonymous said...

Man I got to tell ya, have not been on the site for awhile, and not surprisingly, Essent continues their idiocy. The article in the Snooze was all smoke and mirrors. Who the heck does Andrew think he's kidding, Essent has taken healthcare to a totally different level. Didn't know Comedy Tours and Healthcare would EVER be on the same marquis, but apparently they do! Or better's your sign Andrew! My God, the man just keeps plugging away thinking that everyone here in Paris is a moron, and will believe this crap he spouts out! If he was REALLY wanting to upgrade equipment, DO IT IN RADIOLOGY!!!! As mentioned before EVERYTHING for plain diagnostic purposes is CIRCA 1960 for cripes sake........paint and buffed floors isn't gonna cut it Andrew, and those Radiologist that are SO VERY RELIABLE, well get a clue Bud, they're gonna cost more than their worth. I really, really sincerely hope some of these folks around here that have had adverse healthcare because of those "wonderful" Radiologist you (Andrew) recruited sue the everlovin' crap out of PRMC. It is most well deserved and hopefully will be a catalyst to set aright the atrocious healthcare decisions Essent has made THIS community endure! This is a sickening debacle Andrew, so do us a favor and keep OUT OF THE convince no one of your or Essent's capabilities to provide us with any form of healthcare!

Anonymous said...

Quote from today's Paris Snooze - Knizley - "We have enough capital resources, and we’ve done well enough, that we’re in a position now that we can bring in a prospective doctor and say, ‘Give us a drawing and give us a list, and we’ll look it over and build what you need."

Wonder what he'd do if all the doctors wanted was adequate nursing staff to care for their patients? Or for enough Dynamaps (that actually work) to care for their pts?

Come on local docs, step up. If the new "prospective doctor" can just hand over a list and Knizley can produce it, then don't you think its fair that the docs that have been bringing in business, even without fancy new floors with flat screens in every room, should get to hand in lists?

Or how about the nurses do we get lists too? There are some of us that have stuck it out, worked in the hospital with the "counter top falls to pieces and everything else around you is falling apart,”
Damnit! I want a list! Maybe I'll just turn one in, see what happens?

Anonymous said...

Can anyone read between the lines? Does anyone care anymore? I remember when patients came here and made the comment that they liked the way they were treated...with dignity and compassion. In the past year to the present,all I have heard is how patients have been neglected AND if it had not been for someone staying in the room with the patient,no one would have checked on them. I happen to love what I do in the hospital but I don't love what the hospital is doing! I try to encourage patients but negative experiences with the current nurses is not helping. If Andrew is really serious about changing the image/perception of the hospital then hire someone whose sole purpose is to implement programs to retain employees and to recruit new ones-physicians included.

Anonymous said...

Dr. Haas (Fac-P) how many characters are you playing on your web site? Are you so blinded by anger that you feel you must make up this crap on your site? What a shame -- I thought you were smarter than that -- in the end you will look bad!!! Post what's factual, Fac-P, not what you think is the truth!

Anonymous said...


Who are you? I would bet you are administration---kind of like a defence attorney trying to put the shread of doubt to the jury.

I am a nurse. I'm not sure who fac_p is. If it is Dr. Haas, more power to him. Many of the facts that are on this site---a doctor has no clue about--esp. a radiologist. No way could they know.

Many people think that doctors know everything for some reason. They don't ---and more and more they are stuck in their own little specialty and don't venture out much. Nurses are getting that way as well.

The concerns listed on this blog site--span the globe of doctor, nursing and hospital issues, that know one person could know about---I don't care how good of a gossip one is.

It is obvious to my forensic eye--that many people are here hashing out issues. It's pretty obvious there are students--nurses and doctors talking and fighting on the blog.

1213 must be an administrative post. Totally clueless with a mind that doesn't venture out very much. The views from administration never see the whole picture.

Anonymous said...

Well 12:13--Dr. Haas must be a very good character player. He's played a cath-lab nurse, and a ER nurse, and a tele nurse, and a student nurse, and a Rad tech, and a ICU nurse to perfection. He has also played a pt. in his multiple roles.

He must be a genius--if in fact it is Dr. Haas. He must know what it feels like to be in all of these positions. He must know the inner workings of the entire hospital. Maybe he needs to be running it.

Administration damn sure doesn't understand any shoes except the ones they are standing in. They aren't the ones who have spent their careers here trying to improve their education so they can take quality care of the patients, and earn a decent living---only to be slapped in the face because they are trying to cut back on pay roll. Who cares about quality or quantity of nurses.

Administration apparently doesn't care about the neglected patients in their hospital.

What is really funny about the whole thing is administration does not know how many patients I have taken with me to my new venture away from Paris. My patients know I will take up for them and fight for what's right for them---and I am only a nurse.

I may be a high payed nurse---but my new hospital, knows I'm worth it.

Anonymous said...

Do you suppose this site has finally hit a nerve? Now, the frontal assaults begin.

Hang tough, Dr. Hass. This too will soon pass.

Anonymous said...

You guys crack me up. Everytime someone posts something contradictory to what everyone else thinks you immediately assume it must be administration. Grow up.. Not everyone thinks the way you do. Some of us actually like Essent.

fac_p said...

It’s funny, but I don’t know a caring/reputable nurse, tech, or physician that “likes” Essent. But, then again, I don’t associate with the board or administration. They don’t fit the former description.

Anonymous said...

Well if you like Essent---put your money where your mouth is and show your name.

I'm dying to know who you are--or are you afraid of being turned into administration for contributing to the blog?

I don't know anyone but Essent's administration and board members who actually think Essent has been a good thing for the community.

If your not administration--I respect your opinion, I may not agree with it- but I want to know what you think are Essent's best qualities. I want to know what you think has been done so well.

Who knows- you might find something to change my mind. Everything can be debated here. I'm up for it. Are you?

Anonymous said...

It was stated in an older post, that it's not about who fac_p is, but about our community, and the opportunity to voice our opinion; you know... The First Amendment, freedom of speech and all that stuff. That's what our country is all about!

So, to the "usual suspects", I say: Thanks for the compliments! I hate to disappoint, but I am NOT fac_p, nor do I know who he/she is!

Good luck with your witch hunt!

Stephan Haas, M.D.

Anonymous said...

I am all grown up 10:21. I know probably 60% of the employees at the hospital-- and I don't know one person that thinks Essent has been a good thing for anyone--especially the patients.

I'm curious to know what good has come from Essent coming to Paris? The uniforms in the departments match. We got computer systems in the ER---and don't we just love that. Meditec and promed married. They've been fighting quite a bit though.

The patients get to shop in Dallas alot more--since they are going there for health care. That's improved our economy.

The money that the patients have used in gas could have bought their grandaugter a prom dress--but that would have just spoiled her. She didn't really need to go anyway. She may have lost her virginity.

Essent has been a good thing> Oh yeah, I can see that now.

fac_p said...

No, Dr. Haas is not fac_p, but he reads the blog, as does administration...and hospitals from Boston, Chicago, San Antonio, Tampa, and Peoria (and if it plays in Peoria....)

I have gotten some interesting emails from recruiters, nurses, HRs, Docs, techs, and the most important folks of all--the patients.

They're worried, and their friends and family are worried, as demonstrated by the number of sleep-overs in the hospital sky-rocketing.

The one thing we have to remember, is that they are in our care. One has a tendancy to become hardened to the ills and pain. You have to in order to survive. But, when you dismiss their needs out of hand, that's when healthcare ceases.

The patients can understand understaffing, and they don't blame the staff. But when family members come up to the desk and ask one of the several people sitting there for pain meds, or food, or whatever and nothing gets done, "It's xxx's patient" falls on deaf ears.

There might be only one nurse there, but they see people in scrubs, and they need help. That's their perception.

If E$$ent is willing to staff with temps at inflated costs, they ought to be willing to have the existing staff pull an extra 15 minutes or an hour overtime that catching some of extra lights or walkups would cost. It isn't riding the clock, and it is good business sense--something that is sorely lacking in this institution.

To the commenters: It's obvious, it can be implemented, and they won't. Because they know everything, and suggestions aren't welcome.

Anonymous said...

The person in the scrubs could be anybody from house keeping to x-ray, to cath lab etc....

The person asking for something to eat or drink could be NPO or maybe they want a pain med that they can't have for another hour, or the temp can't get into the pyxis to get it etc..and has to wait on someone to get it for them.

The truth is-there are just not enough nurses taking care of these patients---the patients don't understand. I don't understand the understaffing. It is unnecessary. Nurses are here. Essent is just to cheap to employ them. It really makes me mad--because the excess money lines the pockets of Essent and the CEO gets a bonus on the patient suffering.

It's sick, and it makes me sick.

Anonymous said...

10:21 and 12:13 must not be up for debate, or maybe they can't think of anything nice to say about Essent in this community, and have decided to keep their mouth shut.

Just wanted to let you know--I'm still available for debate. I want you to change my mind, and I'm even willing to agree to disagree.

Anonymous said...

I just watched Dateline, and the sexual preditors getting caught on tape.

Wouldn't it be so cool if Dateline came here and posed as a pt. I wonder how the board would react if asked if getting paid by Essent had any impact on their decisions they made for the hospital. I wonder how the CEO would react to questions about staffing and how long was average time to get CT reports back.

Anonymous said...

Wow. I never knew Dr Haas was so dern talented. And how the heck does he have time to play all those parts, edit this website and read films? Amazing.
If Andrew & Co think Dr Haas is their only enemy they need to think again. I can't remember anything good that E$$sent has done for PRMC. The best thing they could do is sell us to Baylor.

Anonymous said...

Apparently Dr Fish (radiologist) is buying a house here. Wonder if he'll buy Jeff Nielson's????

Anonymous said...

Wonder if the meeting is to announce that the Fish is moving to Paris?? Could it be that they've got a group started? Film on the 19th...course this is a guy that hasn't done interventional in 10 years or wonder Jay left. Just like riding a bike---through someone's carotid....

Maybe it's time for "a list"?

Anonymous said...

Dr. Neilson has already sold his house to Ronnie Cox.

Anonymous said...

I actually looked at the PRMC web site for radiology--guess no one does, or they would have realized that:
a. There hasn't been a Picker CT in x-ray for over 3 years (guess the manager was too busy looking at himself than reading the text...can he read?)
b. Specials is manned by "highly trained radiology technologists". (Guess these "techs" go along with the radiologist that hasn't done special procedures in 10 years. They're a match, and about as current.)

Anonymous said...

To the loudmouth about Essent's good qualities...Name one! Put up or shut up. Go ahead and name one. Okay, I'll start. 1.They lie really,really well. 2.They love secrets. 3.They love photo ops and occasionally include their golfing buddies in on these photo ops. And last but certainly not least, 4.Sexual orientation has no bearing on job opportunities.

Anonymous said...

Well there is a new name for Bev: Sybil! Seems a totally different personality ran the meeting on the 19th. At the last meeting radiology employees were told how worthless they were and how much she (Bev) wished they'd all quit. The latest meeting was amazing. Bev loves everybody! The techs are wonderful! She practically burst into a song of praise for her dept. Yes, we have problems but we're working on them! It's going to all work out! I love y'all!

So it begs the question. Who was that smiling woman? Can it be Bev? Or perhaps her good twin?

Topics discussed at the meeting: the new PACs system. Welcoming the new employees. Y'all are doing great on clocking in and with attendance. Vote on the new uniform color. Isn't the new virtual radiology great?

Notably absent from the agenda:
This website. The non-qualified person getting PACs system admin.
The fact that the meeting location was changed and no one bothered to tell anyone (a symptom of most of the problems in radiology)

Anonymous said...

Other topics missing:
1. The names and doses of the drugs that she must be consuming to have the glazed look and sweetness springing forth.

2. How they are going to counter the fact that Paris Imaging just put in all new equipment which exceeds the capibilities of everything PRMC has...except in charges.

3. The hand-holding that's necessary for a PACs conversion...good thing David is there, with his wealth of experience.

Anonymous said...

Aren't modern mood elevating drugs these days amazing?!? Sorry but the Cheshire cat grin and the 60's mantra of "I love everybody" doesn't do a thing to sway my original impression and later validated opinion of Beva of Buchenwald. Wonder if her boss was impressed with the sweetness and gladness display. Probably not, but guess he's more concerned about his significant other succeeding in a job he's not qualified for. My, my, my what tangled webs we weave, when first we practice to deceive.

Anonymous said...

So we actually have someone who is buying the bullcrap Hud is selling.....or is stuck there locally and therefore screwed, so accepts the reamings he/she gets from the brass. Those of you who ARE kinda stuck in the area for any reason, you have two choices- take what you're getting, or rise up & demand better. As an ex-PRMCer, no thanks to the b**** who ran ER, I sincerely hope you choose the patter.

ANd if she's leaving, good riddance. What strip joint is hiring her, anyway?

Don't get me started on the cheesehead COO.....

I'm not an X-ray tech, but I feel for those who are working under such a psycho- I used to work with someone that flaky before I came to the area, and had over 10 years of peace under a boss who would bend over backwards to help you.

I liked both hospitals separately, and I can deal with a merged system (not crazy about it, but it's the way things are), but no way in h*** am I buying the snake oil E$$ent is peddling. Those folks who think E$$ent is the s***, as the rappers would say, are buried up to their necks & beyond in same.

...come on, don't hold back, RJMac, tell us how you really, doesn't that feel better? fac_p

Anonymous said...

They now have a new ER director as of this week.

fac_p said...

As it's been reported to me, another x-ray tech left the fold--with a boot print on the butt.

But, isn't it just like these folks: They knew what he did, and by ignoring it at the time, tacitly condoned it. Sounds like the firing was paired with an application that was waiting in the wings....

They must be getting a new crop of temps in, 'cause it was also reported that the next to the last week in May, they lost 11 employees! Heck, they could cycle through the entire hospital in a year, at that rate!

Anonymous said...

Yes, another one bites the dust! And the hunt for fac_p goes on. Little do they know that fac_p is still among them, maybe even in administration. Opppps! Did I let the cat out of the bag??????

I'm_Batman said...

In response to Yes, another one bites the dust:

How better to place a cloud of doubt over fac_p than for administration to accuse him of being administration. Who would know more than them how vile and disgusting all the other employees would think he was if they thought him to be "one of them"? If admin could make the employees question or distrust fac_p, then he loses cred and his postings wither into oblivion.

I don't think admin is bright enough to hatch that idea.

On a lighter note, a member of admin walks into ER with a duck on his head, and the duck says, "Can you get this guy off my ass?"