Thursday, January 26, 2006

Lessons learned-- 3/10

What lessons have we learned lately? For one thing, two respiratory techs cannot handle the entire hospital alone...unless you want to skip most of a floor's breathing treatments for a shift.

That capped salaries is good for Greenville (I heard that approximately 38 PRMC nurses have their applications on file there.) Baylor is certainly appreciative, as are Bonham, Sulphur Springs, and Mesquite.

...that administration is confident that they have people waiting in the wings to come to Paris. That might be, but at what level of experience and competency? The experience to know that you have to reconstitute i.v. antibiotic doses prior to hanging them (just add water, the powder form doesn't move through the tubing all that well...)?


Anonymous said...

Well!!!!!!! Where are all those applicants? According to the job postings on the "official" web site positions are not being filled. As to the appreciation of the other hospitals, that doesn't even come close to the appreciation the nurses and other staff that are finding new positions at those hospitals, which include signing bonuses, higher salaries and benefits that begin the first day of work. I'm thinking we should probably thank the "tyrants" and "censors" for pointing employees to a better employment way of life.

fac_p said...

Merrimack Valley Hospital reaches contract settlement
In March, after 17 months of negotiations, the RNs at Merrimack Valley Hospital, formerly Hale Hospital, ratified their first contract with Essent HealthCare—a for-profit company based in Tennessee. The RNs had a long fight to earn a fair contract, but won substantial contract provisions on mandatory overtime, protection of insurance coverage, floating, and grievance/ arbitration rights. The RNs will receive a 4 percent increase in wages in each of the first two years of the contract and will have a step system in place during 2004.

--from Mass Nurses' publication

Anonymous said...

With reference to the last post here, some questions come to mind. What month and year was this taken "..from Mass Nurses' publication" This is 2006! And - one must ask why the nurses in Mass had to fight so hard and so long for a "fair" contract!? That doesn't bode well for the nurses and other staff at PRMC! How long and to what degree will the employees here have to go to get a "fair" contract? Have the negotations even begun? It also says that Essent is in no way interested in providing "fair" employee contracts unless they are pushed to the wall and then it takes years to accomplish.

Anonymous said...

I think I'd rather have a nurse that actually knew where things were responding to a "Code Blue" than an overpaid temp!

Blanco said...

A "relative" of mine has worked at the hospital in Paris for years, the one now the South Campus. The change in patient care with Essent is frightening to many nurses and other care givers, with chronic short staffing and hastily oriented new people. It's unbelievable for Essent to expect staff to have a "good attitude" when asked questions by patients and their family members, and laughable for them to expect staff members not to discuss the truth with each other. Department heads share administrative emails that tell how "valuable staff is and how appreciated" while people doing patient care have no real reason to believe it, based on salaries, raises and such simple things as decent meal breaks! It is heartbreaking to see experienced, competent staff leaving daily for positions many times can a person apologize to patients for the things they experience while at PRMC? The financial aid counseling before any services are rendered might as well be given by Hitler himself, fortunately most competing facilities accept PRMC's Physician outpatient orders also.