Thursday, January 05, 2006


These are links to articles about other Essent acquisitions, and agreements that were negotiated at the time of purchase. Note the amounts that are earmarked over the next ten years for construction/improvements.

I fail to see any proposals listed for PRMC. Despite the improvements to the sixth floor, and transferring outpatient surgery to the North Campus, little has been done to seriously upgrade the facilities. Logistics at the North Campus did not lend themselves well to the change over; I suppose that 'utilization of existing resources' is the expedicious answer. Like the marriage between ProMed and Meditech.

Nashoba Valley Medical Center
Greene County
One interesting fact is that they agreed to provide a continuation of indigent care at the existing levels. I wonder where the cuts will be made to make a non-profitable hospital profitable.

This has been hanging around in draft status for a while, but I thought it might have some interesting figures for the curious.

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Anonymous said...

It would be nice to have 2 hospitals again. It would be nice to have one for profit, and one not for profit.

Maybe if we had a nice one, and one that was not so nice, more people would have incintive to get insurance.