Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Is it Fall Yet?....2/16

The Nashville Post received a press release from Essent last year---almost a year ago---foretelling two events:

Essent consolidates Texas hospital campus
By Erin Lawley

Posted on November 24, 2009 at 8:10 am
Essent Healthcare will consolidate the acute-care services of Paris Regional Medical Center in Paris, Texas into a single campus by next fall. The move is designed to improve access for patients, strengthen the quality of care and provide for better coordinated services. Essent owns five hospitals and is in the process of acquiring its sixth.
Soooo, which proved to be true? Both? One? or, none (right answer)! So, does that mean that the access is poor, the quality of care needs strengthening, and the services are un-coordinated?

Hmmm.... I did say that it was a year ago, didn't I?

I wonder if that press release was from the same person that said Dux was leaving immediately, er ah, I mean, by October 1st. Probably going to announce that fall has been delayed.


Anonymous said...

"Essent owns five hospitals and is in the process of acquiring its sixth."

And a long and futile process it has been...how many attempts and failures has it been now?

Lessee......had to dump the one in Missouri......couldn't get the ones in Texas and Oklahoma.......Natchez didn't work.....niether did Brown County in Ohio. And THIS is supposed to be a successful company? Measuring success by the number of suitors who bailed on the wedding? And playing with the house's money in the process (by "house", I mean the moneymen who apparently have very deep pockets and very shallow brain function)........the bride must REALLY be pug-ugly.

Anonymous said...

Breaking News Lowell Sun December 9, 2010

Nashoba Valley Hospital in Ayer to be sold

CEO Ralph de la Torre of Caritas Christi Healthcare announced today that Merrimack Valley Hospital and Nashoba Valley Medical Center would be purchased for an undisclosed amount form Essent Healthcare of Nashville, TN. This will require approval from the Attorney General and Department of Public Health.Public hearings must take place within 20 days. Employees at NVMC have not been informed from Essent officials. Not Surprising

Paris Texas said...

Five Hospitals?
I a curious about how much they own in Paris