Friday, May 28, 2010

Sorry Charlie....7/4

Looks like Brown County General dodged the bullet...grapevine (rumours, not the town) has it that more guarantees were needed--by which party? Who knows.

But, that makes how many misses for Essent? There probably are only just so many fish in the sea. Ahh yes, but who's counting.... Just you...and me...and Charlie.


Anonymous said...

Speaking of Charlie...I hear he's resigned from Sharon Hospital

Anonymous said...

Article in Lowell Sun dated June 9 states "Caritas eyes purchase of Nashoba Medical in Ayer." Merrimack Valley Hospital in Haverhill also being considered. A report in Wednesday's Boston Globe states Caritas CEO Ralph da la Torre has been talking to both hospitals about merger prospects. Caritas Christi is a system of 6 catholic hospitals and is in the process of a sale to Cerbeus Capital Managemnet for $830 million which would convert Caritas to a for-profit entity.

Anonymous said...

End of June is Charlie Therrien's last day. He is going back go Maine. He is leaving Sharon Hospital in great shape. His keen work in completely fuc*ing up the radiology department is certainly one of the highlights of his tenure.