Monday, August 03, 2009

Damned If You Do....9/3

Remember, years ago, when the Medicare renewal was let slip through the cracks and the reimbursement rates went to rural, rather than that of the metroplex? Well, under what is being cussed and discussed in Congress, that might be a good thing in the future.

Apparently, rural hospitals and physicians (medically under served areas) will not sustain the level of cuts that are being proposed to current Medicare levels. My take is that they are afraid of the egress of physicians from those areas to more profitable practices.

Understand, this is proposed, not a done deal.

So, PRMC and the other Essent hospitals might actually make out better. Who'da thunk it?

But, here is the kicker: While the percentage of insured would go up, the levels of reimbursement would still go down. The plan still doesn't cover everyone of those that are 'counted' in that 46, 47, or 50Million that is being bandied about.

What will happen, is more taxes--tax the wealthy will descend to tax the working. And I'll foretell something additional: Both Social Security and Obamacare both become means tested. So, if you've been responsible, saved, and invested in your retirement--tough. We're giving it to the ones that overspent their income (you saw it in the home loans, why not here as well?) All others pay cash.

All I'm saying, is that those who ignore history are doomed to repeat it. We've seen the examples: Federal programs with spending 300% over their estimates. Bailouts for the poorly managed (corporations as well as family finances.) Earmarks attached to "essential" funding...and we're willing to turn our health care to those people (who aren't crazy enough to opt for the same program)?

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Anonymous said...

The CBO has reported that the cost of the health care program that is making its way through Congress is going to cost about $1,200,000,000,000.00!

Medicare cuts are in the works. To help pay for that.

I must be confused: We're cutting spending on our parents' health care to provide health care to illegals??

Is Congress taking a cut in their Federally funded health care? How much does that cost per year?

Somebody sure called that one right: A liberal will spend until he runs out of your money.