Saturday, July 18, 2009

Change, But Can We Live With It?....7/26 interesting word. We've definitely had change in Paris.

But, we're talking about the Federal Government--managing 1/6 of our Gross National Product. This is the same government that has yet to come in under budget on almost anything?

This is the same administration that said they didn't understand the severity of the recession?

The same administration that let Billions in pork get attached to the stimulus package.

This is the same administration that wants to include 10+ MILLION illegals in the care process....because if they're citing the justification for 50 Million uninsured, they're part of that number.

Of course, that also includes those young adults that are not covered--by choice: those healthy enough to roll the dice, and mostly win. That's an extra latte a day.

That also includes those that are counting on the guaranteed access to emergency treatment, reguardless of ability to pay, that already exists. They are estimated at 18 Million, with many over the $50k income level.

So, what happens when the government runs hospitals? Take the VA...look at Walter Reed. One of the formost military hospitals...and what was it that they were having problems with? Oh yeah, patients falling through the cracks. Almost literally, since there were holes in the floors and walls.

So, if these patients are heroes, what's in store for the rest of us????

I'll consider making that change...when Congress makes the same one....


Anonymous said...

frank, i'm with you. we need to make sure that congress has to use the same government-run health care plan the rest of us will have when this monstrosity is in place.

Anonymous said...

I am prepared to meet with whoever/whomever,whenever,for however long it takes offering whatever I can to help. I feel strongly that this REQUIRES firm physician leadership. There is NO substitute. The only salvation for health care is for strong physician leadership. Sadly, the AMA cannot/does not represent physician opinion and only represents a portion of the practicing physicians in this country. Given this, each community will be responsible for looking after their own. THIS BEGINS AND ENDS AT HOME.

One Small Voice said...

Hey Frank,

Since the government is re-settling the Uighur Gitmo prisoners to Palau at a cost of $15mil per, and they arranged with the Bahamas to take 4 for up to a billion, maybe E$$ent would pay to relocate you...and the rest of the "necessary terrorists"?

They might even be able to get Homeland Security to fund it. Witsec with bennies. Crazier things are happening.

Does Hawaii, the Bahamas, Fiji, or any place else work for you?

Just no internet access. Or you could do the blog from anywhere.

fac_p said...

Remember how the stimulus bill was rammed through Congress, with all the pork? How much is going to be attached to health care?

Figure as a percentage, the known pork was over 12%, the amounts that don't even come into play until 2010 at almost half, if the percentages hold true with health care, you're looking at over a 50% over-costing anticipated. Take that on top of what the Congressional Budget Office indicated would be the actual cost, and you have some real money going out (like 1 trillion isn't real money!!!)

The problem is, when people get to Washington, they become detatched from a realization of what money is worth and what it takes to produce it. "Tax the rich" is the mantra for paying for everything.

Problem: Taxing the rich only goes so far. Too high a tax rate, and they take their marbles and go to another game. In this case, the marbles mean jobs. The game is another country that realizes that you don't shoot the goose that lays the golden eggs.

So we have people in Washington spending more and more, with less and less revenue being generated. And the potential for that to continue until we, as a nation, are for all intents and purposes, bankrupt.

California is not just a problem, it is a prophecy.

Anonymous said...

Wilson N. Jones hospital made a big announcement Thursday afternoon. They've signed a letter of intent with Texas Health Resources and Legacy Hospital Partners, Inc.

WNJ officials say this is very exciting news for them and the community. It marks a new chapter in the hospital's history.

WNJ reported just a few weeks ago they were looking for a partner to weather the tough economic times. The details must still be finalized within the next few months but if all goes well, officials say Texas Health Resources (THR) will absorb all of Wilson N. Jones' debt.

WNJ President and CEO, Patrick Flynn, says employees should not be worried about their jobs or their pay. The potential partner is expected to keep all employees in good standing.

As for patients he doesn't foresee any problems. If anything, he says the hospital will be able to extend services and possibly insurance carriers because THR is a larger network.

"This joint venture that we're becoming a part of will ensure that we're part of a bigger system," said Flynn. "We'll access to capital. Be able to invest in our campus and be committed to bring programs here and build programs here. So it's very good news for our patients and our employees and for our community for the long term."

There is a 90 day due diligence process. This is where all the companies involved will check each other out and hammer out all the details, so acquisition of WNJ won't happen until the first of November if everything is approved.

Katy Blakey, KTEN News
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One Small Voice said...

Waterboarding you can live with?

Anonymous said...

Brother, "The stars are in alignment...." Who's his spiritual advisor?

Who's in favor of this?

Anonymous said...

Certainly today's healthcare is broken and needs fixed ASAP. The bottom line for me is outcomes vs. cost.

Given that America is, BY FAR, #1 in terms of cost yet are WAY down the list in terms of outcomes - there is plenty of room for improvement.

The REAL question is this: Can politicians ,with their incredible vested interet in today's fraudulent system solve this problem? Duh.

So what's the solution?

Sadly, when politicians are corrupt, there is no good solution for the people. There is, however, a long term solution:

Vote out the incumbents in every election regardless of political party. The system is always going to be to the detriment of the people when their "leaders" are corrupt. (insert another "duh" here)

Anything short of that, and we are guaranteed to continue down the same path toward financial destruction.

Sadly, there is a 99.999999% chance of that happening. Americans vote based on party affiliation and propaganda, not any form of logic. That's the catch-22.

The bottom line is that we get what we deserve in terms of a crappy healthcare system and beyond. Vote out the crooks, and give the people a chance at actual freedom and liberty .... not just the kind you read on a bumper sticker.