Wednesday, April 15, 2009


If you're a blogger, that is one with a blog, you know that there is a certain amount of pressure to monetize your blog with ads. I've resisted, since this isn't about the money--but had a thought on the matter.

If I do it, it will be only at the side panel, not in the body. The proceeds are either going to legal defense if the lawsuit continues, or to a local charity, should it not. With the recession, they can use all the help they can get. In any case, the funds should be held in abeyance until the situation plays out.

I'm going to put up a survey, letting the readers contribute, and we'll see what shakes loose. So think about it.

It might not be possible to do it anonymously, but it's worth a try. If I can, I will, if I can't I won't.


Anonymous said...

I think that ads would be ok given the time you spend on this blog and in defending your free speach rights.
It is in all our interests to support you in your efforts. Truth is somewhat subjective in today's society(which is indeed unfortunate) but the best hope we have of approaching the truth is by dialogue from all sides.Since it is not in Essents nature to be very transparent,it requires an outside voice to keep the "dialogue" going in the direction of "Truth". Thank you for what you do and place ads if it will allow you to continue to operate.

fac_p said...

It doesn't appear that I can do what I intended--disclosure issues.

However, I'm still thinking of directing any income to a non-profit. Essent's not in the running.

Suggestions/favorites/any not listed in the link?

Anonymous said...

financials for Sharon Hospital came out, NET Income of only 252,933 for last year.

Anonymous said...

American Cancer Society, Lupus Foundation, Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer just to name a few.
Sorry you couldn't do the ads to help in your financial needs. Have you thought of maybe opening a PayPal account??

fac_p said...

The problem is the attachment of a social security number to the payout.

I was looking at an alternative by holding any funds distribution. If my identity was disclosed by the court, then the funds would be used in the lawsuit. Otherwise, funds would go to a non-profit.

Doesn't look possible. So, since the issue is a non-issue, I'll see what I can arrange and with whom.

I was also interested in a charity that had less than 30% overhead. Max good for the buck.

Anonymous said...

why can't the lawyer controll the account?

fac_p said...

Still has to be associated with a social. Unless he's willing to assume the tax liability.

Anonymous said...

I'm sure if it can be done , you will find a way. I think the idea of using it to pay your legal fees (past,present and future) is a great one, and I'm sure your lawyer can advise on possible ways to do this and keep your anonymity somehow. I saw where the snooze wrote about the PRMC-West scholarship (which I guess excludes it from consideration)and seeking donations to keep this endowment. Perhaps you might want to set up a scholarship that you decide the criteria for, with the recipient being someone in need who will hopefully one day help others, much along the same lines as non-profits help those in need. Something to think about anyway..