Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Christmas Wishes....1/7

May the spirit of Christmas fill your life.

May you enjoy the rewards of an unselfish act.

May you remember and honor those that are serving in the military, far from their loved ones, and pray for their safe return.


Anonymous said...

Please Frank do not take Christ out of Christmas the photo shop has Merry Xmas. I feel that is the reason that PRMC is going down the drain. When Essent bought the hospital the 1st thing they did was to take down all ths crufixes down and throw them in the trash compactor and all the statues taken out the dooron dollies. When they wheeled Jesus off 3rd floor is said "look everyone they are taking Jesus out the door please make note this it is the beginning of the end" This is just like our goverment when we the peope allow Jesus/God to be removed nothing good can come of it. So maybe It is our fault not Essent's fault that the hospital is crashing to the ground.

Anonymous said...

Xmas is Historic Christian Word for Christmas
X Symbol for Christ in History of Christianity and Meaning of Season
© Christine Nyholm

Dec 17, 2008

Christmas is a time of great joy and symbolism for Christians around the world. It seems that every year Christians become upset with the word Xmas because they do not understand the meaning, history or symbolism of Xmas. Use of Xmas is really not an attack on the Christian celebration, as it is often perceived to be. Xmas is a historic word that is truly interchangeable with Christmas.

Xmas is a word that is interchangeable with Christmas, but the word tends to upset people who see it as a disrespectful derogatory shortening of the Christian holiday. Christians may exclaim ‘Keep the Christ in Christmas,’ not realizing that X is actually the ancient symbol for Christ.

X Stands for Christ
Xmas is derived from a mixture of Greek and English. Greeks used X as the symbol for Chi, Christo or Xristo. X is the Greek symbol for Christ. In early Christian times, X was used as the symbol for Christ himself.

The exact origin of X for Christ is difficult to pinpoint. Some Bible theologians claim that the origin began in the first century AD, along with other symbols. Other Bible theologians believe that its use became widespread around the thirteenth century along with other Christian abbreviations and symbols that became popular in the Middle Ages.

Merry Xmas!!!

Anonymous said...

You could liken the removal of the Christ in Christmas to the reason Malcom X chose the 'x' to represent the stolen names.

No matter what the historical reason, the current use seems to demean the spirit.

Anonymous said...

WOW this went left. Pray for the people doing the right thing for others I got it. I will try to find those moments every day.

Anonymous said...

You can liken Christ in Christmas to Malcom X if ya want, but I don't think I will. What an ignorant comment.