Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Landing On His Feet....11/13

Like a big cat, Hud has apparently landed on his to speak. I'm not talking about a large jungle cat, more like Garfield. Just less cuddly.

Those who can, do. Those who can't, consult. Hud is now apparently a CEO in Performance Management Institute (seminars), and consults under Stroudwater Associates, as well. If you follow the link, the bio seems to leave out significant parts of his career, but that's just Hud.

ARCON has disappeared, and various other head, er..milestones have been milled down, but it's Hud, just the same.


Anonymous said...

If anything, Hud can be used as an exaample of how NOT to operate a for-profit hospital corporation. So there is at least one strawberry to be found in the manure pile that is the career of W. Hudson Connery.

History major? You can find history majors, English majors and Liberal Arts majors at any WalMart or MickeyD's.

Anonymous said...

Hud will be a DUD no matter where he goes

Anonymous said...

SO far Hud has been a faliure at three different for-profit healthcare chains- HCA (who booted him out), Arcon (which sank wihout a trace), and Essent (which is on life-support).

Do we not see a pattern here? In baseball, it' three trike and you're out.

What do the Hud-lovers and Essent apologists have to say about this fact?

Speak up.........we can't hear you....