Tuesday, May 13, 2008


A comment caught my eye, and I thought it was worth sharing:

What's going to happen to all the loyal employees when the consolidation takes place? I don't see tons of earth being moved, and the reason for the main business of the hospital being at the South Campus was the facility's size: More OR suites, more rooms, larger ER. If we all move to the North, how is everyone going to fit, especially after redesignating part of it to the "Heart Center"?
Probably the same way they handled 'right-sizing' before. So, you will see less agency personnel and the rest will come out of staff.

What will they do to accomidate the ER traffic? Rack 'em and Stack 'em. An ER is a losing proposition anyway. Why make them want to come? You want the insured for high billable procedures, not self-pay/no-pay ER visits. Hence, the Cardiac Center for Excellence .

As the Snooze might say, "Don't you worry your little head about such things...." Or, in their own words:
The Paris News also pledges to continue to worry out the details, and to bring our readers all the news of these changes.

This is a Six Sigma innovation which they might take a hint from:


Anonymous said...

you are going to see more ambulance calls. North campus to South campus and South campus to North campus. As much money that has been pumped into the South campus, PRMC could already had construction started on a new hospital. You also have to think about Shafiq's Cardiac compound on 195. I just feel sorry for the EMS. PRMC is going to run those guys to the crazy house. Its ridiculous to have a Cardiac ER at North and the main ER at South. Never made any sense when Essent started doing this makeover. This will never having two ER's. Essent please sale or get out.

Anonymous said...

"Large ER" on the south campus? Don't think so........the old St. Joesph's ER seems like a cramped broom closet, while the ER area in the old McCuistion is roomier. Perhaps the number of rooms is the difference, but not size. I've been in both ERs, and I always felt claustrophobic in the south ER.

Consolidation brings with it its own set of problems and unknowns, and I'm sure the PRMC employees will be speculating about what will happen, but until dirt starts flying and steel goes up it's exactly that- speculation.

Between you, me and the fencepost, with Essent's track record, ledgers full of red ink, and policies, I'll believe consolidation, while a common-sense move, will happen when I DO see dirt fly and steel goes up.

Maybe under another owner........

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