Monday, April 28, 2008

More Red Ink....5/2

If you go to and key in for Paris Regional Medical Center, you will notice that the bottom line says it all: $508,231 in red ink.

Sharon Hospital, while having a gross of less than 1/3 of PRMC, produces $1,467,558.

Merrimack Valley Hospital has a gross slightly ahead of Sharon, but out does PRMC: $1,498,033

Nashoba Valley Medical Center nets $860,296.

Southwest Regional Medical Center produces the lowest gross, yet rounds out the company with the greatest losses: $2,411,841.

So, one would hope they have some deep pockets, 'cause if they don't, someone sometime is going to say: Enough!

Disclaimer: The figures published at are not current year. Please see the time periods shown on each hospital's sheet. Amounts could be greater or less for the current fiscal year.


Anonymous said...

Lots of red ink.......wonder what the average census has been? Since I'm no longer affiliated with PRMC in any way, I have no firsthand knowledge.

Wonder if the local hospital hotshots are hoping high gas prices keep mroe patients in town- not exactly prime patient care.

Anonymous said...

Can't you just see the morning meetings? Yippee...gas is up again!!!!

Anonymous said...

I really don't care about the cost when my kids are sick. Maybe later, but not then.

If I drive 12k a year, and get 12mpg, I spend $3,500 per year on gas. Last year I might have spent a thousand less, next year, a thousand more. I'm not going to pay 30 grand for a car to save $1000. I'll drive my LGG (large gas-guzzler) over the top of one of those hybrids in an accident....frank

Anonymous said...

A $2.4+ million loss at SRMC does seem incredible – especially given their size relative to the whole (hole?). The payer mix is what it is. In other words, when you set out to polish a turd, don't be suprised if you end up with a substantial amount of crap on your hands when you're finished.

Of course the REAL question for the community is a very simple one ... how long can this organization sustain such loses before they cut and run?

Tick tock … polish polish … tick tock … polish polish … tick tock.

Anonymous said...

As a former employee of PRMC, I can see why they are losing money. When you are sending out simple stuff like GI bleeds and lacerations just because docs don't want to come in or take call. It makes people wonder not just about the hospital, but also the local physicians. I have copies of docs name, reason for shipping, and where they shipped. Very sad. I am ashamed at both.