Thursday, February 21, 2008

Vote, And Vote Often!....3/5

The fourth of next month will be interesting in the national arena, but it will also be worth a look here. I was going to let things slide, but then someone pointed out that Essent has a PAC (Political Action Committee), and hasn't been shy in the past as to who they support and what contributions they will make to their campaigns.

Sharon Hospital tried to host a fund raising breakfast for one Senator a few years back, and was promptly slapped down as being in violation of campaign contribution rules. That's when they formed the PAC.

So, who are the contributors, and who are the recipients? It will certainly be interesting, and possibly telling.

I'm fac_p, and I endorsed this ad.....


Anonymous said...

I wonder if Cresey--owns Essent-- will let his new partner Senator Frist decide who gets the $$?

Anonymous said...

The people of Paris HAVE been voting , and voting often, in where they wish to receive their healthcare- the ones that can and do, go elsewhere. They vote with their feet and their cars.